Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 4

Another staying-put day today as we had to wait for a delivery of July’s Towpath Talk, a free newspaper which we distribute, but that’s not to say we have been idle.

DSCF4219A load of washing was done at
The Wharf Inn’s launderette, another coat of paint went on the back doors and I removed the flue from the old central heating boiler from the roof and replaced it with a spare ventilator from my come-in-handy store.

See,  it’s true, the camera proves it!


A bit of relaxation during the afternoon and then we rewarded ourselves with a meal at The Wharf, taking advantage of their 2-4-10 (two for a tenner) deal, and very nice it was too, especially the summer fruit crumble. Our copies of Towpath Talk had arrived by then so we can continue our travels tomorrow.

Catty has been out almost all day and has scored 2 mouses out of the pub’s shrubbery.

To finish, an aww moment with Mummy duck with eight ducklings.



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