Optus–A Mobile Disaster

After 4 weeks on holiday in Oz the only thing I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to is Optus Mobile.
I believe my account security was compromised and could not get a customer representative to take this issue seriously.

A catalogue of mistakes including:

  1. Incorrect address on my sales invoice, only 1 word in address correct.
  2. On the day I installed the original SIM I was charged $5 for a 5 second international call.
  3. After 3 weeks working OK no coverage for 2 days (7th & 8th Dec) and SIM being apparently blocked.
  4. Called number from another phone, rang out but no answer.
  5. ScreenshotReceived SMS messages from unknown person accusing me of stealing their phone.
  6. Customer service tried to change number, but SIM still would not register.
  7. Since visiting Optus shop and changing SIM & Service Number on 9th I have had a calls from people I do not know & should not know my number.
  8. My Optus shows use of my number on 7th & 8th when I had no connection, my SIM only being replaced the morning of the 9th. I also have no data available & Extras credit is $5 less than it should be.
  9. Unable to contact Customer Service (Ha!) by phone or live chat, sent complaint via website… No response!
  10. On eventually getting through to Customer Service and changing number again was told no one could possibly have used my number or
    How about this gem?


  11. Someone else’s  voice-mails and greeting still on new number.
  12. Asked to escalate complaint, promised response in 3 to 4 days, conveniently after I leave the country.

My whole experience with Optus has been most unsatisfactory and I have wasted hours of my time trying to resolve it. I therefore expected to be compensated for this disastrous performance.



Optus finally admit to double allocation of my SIM card <<Basically a number that was assigned to someone else has popped-up as available and been connected to your SIM as well.>>

The other customer used up my data allowance & extras

‘Customer Service’ appalling, voice service often not available and on-line chat useless if you could even connect. When you can get through operatives are clueless and often rude.

Optus will not compensate me as I have now ceased the service.

Do you know what breach of contract is Optus?
I certainly won’t be using your service again.


Transcript of Facebook Messages to Optus:

Hi Opus, re. your post, details as follows [Private details deleted] In flight on aircraft at present so cannot receive phone calls, but Facebook or email available. Will appreciate your comments on the situation. Regards Chris Wren

Sun 04:35

Thanks Chris, it does look an issue with double allocation of the SIM card has caused the issue. Basically a number that was assigned to someone else has popped-up as available and been connected to your SIM as well. It sounds like you are en route out of Oz so not sure what we can do to help you, as crediting a service you may not be using again would be a bit redundant. Are you likely to use this Optus service again in the future or pass onto someone else? Meg

Hi Meg, thanks for getting back to me. I guessed that’s what had happened, but none of your customer service staff could accept the possibility, resulting in me wasting my time on the phone. Instead of crediting airtime perhaps a refund against the original invoice would be the easiest way to compensate me for the inconvenience. Chris

PS A card payment reversal would be a way to do it.

Sun 21:27

Appreciate it’s been frustrating Chris, as Meg advised we can certainly look a credit on the Optus service once it becomes active and is being used. We wouldn’t be able to refund any payments to your card. Esther