A weekend around Northants

As the boat we ‘had our eye on’ has now been sold (Grrr) we spent the weekend based at my sister’s in Rushden and checked out some of the local brokers. We saw a couple of ‘possibles’ and one we quite liked, so that was good. Still need to sell our house though and saw another estate agent today who thinks a good way to sell our house is to knock £12,000 off the price.
Yeah right… I could give it away too. To accept a reduction for a cash offer is one thing, but to move the goalposts that far would leave no room to negotiate.

He also has a narrowboat on his books which we viewed today, but thought that was overpriced too!


House Viewers & Boat Viewers

It must be Spring, or nearly, because we have nearly had two viewings of our house recently, I say nearly as the second lot didn’t turn up, which was infuriating for the memsahib who was in the middle of turning out a cupboard in the lounge and had to put it all away again and engage in an orgy of cleaning and tidying instead. Not Best Pleased would be an understatement!

m_s-boat-006Encouraged by our viewings we took the opportunity to look at a used (ex hire) boat at Amber Boats up in Evesham.

Quite a nice one but not quite right for us, so if anyone’s interested here it is.

Amber Boats