On the Buses *

Oh my goodness, it’s been over a month since our last post, which is, in part attributable to a fortnight’s holiday in our favourite Greek Island, Skiathos.


We had a fabulous time staying with our friends Dimitris, Katti & Nikos at Jimmy’s Studios and since returning have been working on giving their website a makeover. Guess who are the mystery bikers on the way to the beach in the photo.



Since returning to Heyford, we have just been down to Thrupp for a week, Joy has been to London to see Billy Elliot with Bones and today we went to Oxford Bus Museum’s Rally and lo & behold a BSA Bantam just like my first motorbike!



Now, just because the last picture I posted was of an old bus, there’s no need to think I’m some kind of bus anorak.. it’s just a co-incidence.  What was a sobering sight was a sign on a Bristol Lodeka saying it was 50 years old! It can’t be… I used to go to school on one like that!!!!



Not content with all that excitement we then went on to Combe Mill which had a steam day today, unfortunately their big engine had broken down but I did get a chance to make a poker in their forge, something which again took me back to my schooldays. Sadly ‘Elfin Safety’ seems to have put paid to this experience for today’s schoolkids.


* Incidentally, Joy’s cousin, Pat Ashton had the distinction of playing ‘Nymphy Norra’ in the 1972 film MUTINY ON THE BUSES!