Canal & River Trust’s Open Meeting at Banbury

Throughout 2014, the Canal & River Trust’s Chief Executive, Richard Parry, will be hosting a series of open meetings for boaters and other waterway users across the country. The meetings will offer a chance for people to informally air views on any local or national issues and open up channels of communication for any future consultations.

Source: Canal & River Trust


We attended the Open Meeting at Banbury this week in the function room at The Old Auctioneer, Parson Street, in fact the response was so good that they actually ran two meetings, afternoon & evening. Due to my work we opted for the evening event.

The topics covered included:

  • Vegetation Management
  • Cycling
  • Mooring And Cruising
  • Development and Marinas
  • Operational Issues
  • Communications
  • Hire Boating, Angling
  • Miscellaneous

You can see more details of the discussion here although you may have difficultly knowing who said what as they weren’t that good at getting the questioners names right!

Although the meeting was advertised as being from 6:30 to 8:30 pm by 7:50 pm we felt  they had had enough and wanted to go home!

There were no refreshments offered (as there seemed to have been at the  Birmingham event) and we did not feel encouraged to stay for one-to-one questions so a group of us decamped to Ye Olde Reindeer in search of better beer and a less clinical atmosphere and the opportunity to put the world to rights!

I did offer to help with communications with local boaters but received an email containing a job specification (unpaid, of course!)  Boating Community Communication Volunteer – South East, errm, not quite what I meant!

All in all it was really an opportunity to put faces to names and hopefully it will open up some interaction between boaters and C&RT.