Sallying forth on the Day Boat

Sally Narrowboats' Day Boat
Sally Narrowboats' Day Boat
Had a great day out today with a group of friends from church on Sally Narrowoats’ Day Boat based from Bradford on Avon Marina, we made it down as far as Claverton swing bridge & back stopping for a super on-board picnic lunch along the way at Dundas (everybody brought something to share) and tea & home made scones on the way back.

Absolutely Quackers!
Absolutely Quackers!
Can really recommend Sally Narrowboats Day Boat, nice little boat which handled easily and was well equipped for the 10 of us, friendly service & they didn’t shout at us for being half an hour late getting back (queue at Bradford Lock)
Oh yes and one of their staff has a pet duck who came to work with him!

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Catching the Dream at Bulbourne

Do we all do crazy things for weird reasons sometimes… or is it just me?

Grand Junction Arms
Grand Junction Arms, Bulborne
Well yesterday morning I woke up with the word Bulbourne in my head, I knew it was canal related but had no idea if it was a place or a boat, or both. I pushed the thought aside and later while reading someone’s blog who was on the way to the Canal Cavalcade, there it was again, Bulbourne. I did some Googling and located it on the Grand Union and found the Tring canal festival nearby but thought, hey, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, I don’t want to be out on the roads and anyway we had people coming to view our house at 6pm.

This afternoon was my half day so Joy & I decided that if we didn’t go and find out what Bulbourne was like we’d never know! That took us until 3pm to decide so then we set off on a two hour drive, see what I mean… Crazy!

Anyway, we arrived at the Grand Junction Arms at about 5pm, quenched our thirsts and toddled off down towards the drydock, which was one of the few things I had found out was there. We were so glad we had made the effort as it’s a beautiful area, with the reservoir and lots of wildlife,

The heron guarding lock  41
The heron guarding lock 41
Joy pursued a camera-shy heron from lock to lock and finally got a shot, we passed the junction with the Wendover Arm and made it just past the Aylesbury Arm junction (where a pair of very protective swans had decided to build a nest right beside the towpath), as far as The White Lion, to find it closed, so we went to the Angler’s Rest instead for a restorative, then retraced our steps to Grand Junction Arms where we had a very good meal before returning home.

So what was that all about?

We did see a boat for sale… called Dream Capture!!!