Travelling to our New Mooring

IMG_20160505_202121221We spent a few days at Fenny Compton, enjoying the sunshine and enjoying meeting boater friends Jan & John (The Halfies) and June at The Wharf Inn.

We had left our car with the college  Motor Vehicle Department (where I used to work) to be serviced and

IMG_20160508_140908697they had found that the sump had corroded to the extent that it was slowly leaking oil, so we had to drive to John Wilkins Cars in Cheltenham to collect a new one.
The anticipated brake pad & disc replacements and a CV boot were sourced from Leamoco motor factors.
No more squeaky noise when stopping.

Tuesday 10th May

We were booked to visit Joy’s Uncle Harry for his 90th birthday  but as we were still waiting for our car to be ready we had to hire from Enterprise, they had been recommended by other boaters as they will collect you from your location.

Naturally it wasn’t as simple as that for us because when I tried to arrange it they said that despite being  within their 10 mile pick up radius from Banbury Fenny Compton came under their Leamington Spa depot! Not what we wanted as we needed to return the hire car to Banbury in order to pick our own car up, so it was down to Banbury on the bus instead. Another thing they don’t tell you on their website is that despite the reasonable £35/day hire charge there is a huge £1000 damage excess unless you take out supplementary insurance at £11.99.

IMG_20160510_153445216So off we went to Harry’s birthday party in a little Toyota Aygo where we spent an enjoyable few hours with the old rascal who was enjoying holding court with his neighbours, his son, 4 granddaughters and 2 great-granddaughters. At ninety he can still tell a good yarn, telling everyone that he had had a busy morning making all the sandwiches and cakes.

Wednesday 11th May

As we had to return the Aygo by 11am Wednesday morning we had to hang around Banbury until the car was finished, so it was tapas for lunch at the Pinto Lounge which gave us some ideas to try out at home. Later we met up at The Whistling Kettle with our friends Jill & John from Tramway Moorings who make jewellery aboard their boat and sell it at St Giles’ Market, Oxford and on-line via their website, Hasket Fasesik.

We picked up our Suzuki from the college at 3pm and were soon headed back to Wrens-Nest at Fenny, however the jobs were not over for the day as a screw had been found in one of the tyres and the spare fitted, so now we needed another spare. Southam Tyres were the nearest candidate but £45 seemed a bit steep for something that was going to stay in the boot most of the time (the last one had been in there from new) so I ended up at Spa Tyres, Leamington Spa who supplied me with a good part-worn tyre for £25.

Thursday 12th May


DSCN3142A phone call Wednesday evening from our friends Ruth & Barry (keen, new boaters) volunteering to help us down the nine locks Napton was gratefully received and so we slipped away from Fenny about 8:30am and we were at Marston Doles in good time to welcome them with sandwiches for lunch and they worked us down the locks in less than three hours. (it would have been less if a C&RT workboat hadn’t been using one of the locks as a loading bay) They stayed with us all the way to Braunston where we enjoyed a well deserved meal at The Boathouse.

Friday 13th May

DSCN3156Ever gluttons for punishment Ruth & Barry joined us again on Friday and Barry kindly shuttled our car from Fenny to our new mooring, whilst Joy & Ruth did some arty stuff on board the boat.
When us ‘boys’ returned there were home-made burgers and home-made bread for lunch which we prepared earlier.

After our goodbyes we pootled off about 4pm headed for the Visitor Moorings at the top of Hilmorton Locks arriving before 7pm.

Saturday 14th May

DSCN3159We had an easy transit through the first two locks with no-one about but at the third a Volunteer Locky was assisting a boat up whilst another was on the lock landing which meant we had no where to moor so we ‘hovered’  beside the Canalchef Cafe’s working boats. We found out from the Locky, however that all the boats on the lock landings were waiting to go into the adjacent boatyard!!!

DSCN3161At the bottom of the locks we spotted nb Recalcitrant (formerly nb Unicorn) which was rescued from being stranded on hard-standing at Healing’s Mill, Tewkesbury after flooding on the river Avon deposited it there.  It has since been wonderfully restored by it’s new owners using recycled materials. We have spotted it several times over the years, in various stages of it’s restoration.

DSCN3162aJust look at the detail round the windows!

See this thread on Canalworld Forum for more of their fascinating story which included being towed up the Severn by SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association)

Or their Pinterest photo album.

We had a lunch stop at Rugby (Brownsover) Visitor Moorings and did a shop at the handy Tescos, then pressed on to Hawkesbury Junction to find the last mooring spot waiting for us at 5ish.

Sunday 15th May

DSCN3169Sunday morning we left about 8:30am through the stop-lock, leaving the Greyhound Pub unvisited and negotiating the 360 degree turn under the bridge and onto the Coventry Canal leaving the iconic Engine House behind us.



DSCN3173It was past the quirky Charity Dock, straight on at Marston Junction, through Nuneaton and  to take us to Hartshill for a lunch stop. Just another hour took us into Atherstone where we moored up to have a rest for the afternoon ready for the eleven Atherstone locks tomorrow.


Monday 16th May

We started down the Atherstone flight about 9:30am after filling up with water and a nerve wracking entry into the first lock as a duckling decided to go in with us but we managed to shoo him out before he got squished. The Volunteer Lock-keepers set the first three locks for us and we were fortunate enough for all the rest of the locks to be in our favour, meeting boats at most of them and were down the bottom in just two hours.  We turned the boat at the nearby winding hole (turning point) and soon after 12 noon we were moored up at our new mooring at Grendon Wharf being welcomed by Cooky one of our neighbours. Needless to say Catty has been out exploring and not only we have met several more of our neighbours but the local C&RT Mooring Manager, Sandy has been along to say hello, we might have felt very special, but it was really just a co-incidence!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Map 2

Off to Pastures New

It’s that time of year again when the Wrens take off on their summer cruise, and yesterday we left our Banbury mooring for the final time as we have taken a new mooring on the Coventry Canal near Tamworth. It’s in a rural area with pleasant views and the moorings have dedicated car parking and facilities for boaters’ rubbish disposal etc. on site, things sadly lacking at our Banbury mooring.



Cropredy Lock Cottage

Of course, we will miss our little community of boaty friends here and Joy has to say goodbye to her keep-fit and art classes but we will certainly keep in touch with them all and hope to find friends and activities at our new home mooring.
We arrived at Cropredy yesterday afternoon and as we were filling up with water a boat left the 48 hour mooring opposite so we swiftly took their place.

So.. This is a fairlead

This morning we were underway by 8:15 am (shock, horror!) and by 1pm we were moored near The Wharf Inn at Fenny Compton. The weather today has been gloriously sunny and nine locks seemed to pass quickly, all went well apart from one incident where the centre line’s ‘fairlead’ sheared it’s mounting bolts whilst tied up at a lock. As there was a short queue at the bottom of Claydon Locks I took the opportunity to drill out the broken 4 mm brass screws and re-tap to 5mm and replace with some steel bolts. It will have to come off again soon because it was terribly rusty underneath.


   This is the last of the iconic Oxford Canal lift bridges we will see for a while!

Spring has Sprung?

IMG_20160325_101816974Last Sunday was officially the first day of Spring as the March 20th was the Spring (vernal) equinox, but yesterday, Good Friday, was the first day when it looked like it might have arrived as we awoke to sunshine and clear skies.

What should we do?


DSCN3045Why wake Wrens-Nest from her winter torpor and have a day out!
We left our mooring at Tramway and set off  south, it was a little cold at first (note the gloves!) but after working a few locks I soon warmed up and we gently made our way down to Aynho Wharf.


IMG_20160325_101720784Aynho Wharf has recently changed hands and the business is now under the ownership of boaters, Tim and his good lady who’s name escapes me (sorry).

We used their pump out facilities and purchased some coal from them then had a lunch break before journeying back to Banbury.


We were surprised how few boats were on the move, perhaps they had been scared off by the dreadful weather forecast for the following week.

Winter Projects

The blog has been dormant since our trip to Australia last year so here is a warning.
This is a ‘Techie’ post about some of my winter projects.

Wi-Fi Router

Boaters amongst our readers will know all about the vagaries of ‘mobile broadband’, we currently use EE but connecting it to our Humax satellite box was a bit of a Heath Robinson affair as the satellite box has no Wi-Fi capability. I was also unconvinced that EE was metering my data usage correctly so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a proper 4G router which could not only provide a wired connection for the sat box but monitor my data use.


80x60After a false start with an ASUS 4G-N12 which after several weeks of consulting with Asus support it was concluded that ‘it was a known issue’ that the data monitoring function did not work correctly. PC World refunded my purchase without any quibble and I popped next door to Maplins and purchased a TP-Link Archer MR200 which was on offer for £99.99 (that’s £25 less than the Asus) and the bonus is that it does what it’s supposed to.


Birthday Pi

Pi_2_Model_BMy birthday was last month and Joy bought me a Raspberry Pi, this is a mini computer, kind of a 21st century Sinclair Spectrum. After a steep learning curve involving some programming I’ve managed to hook it up to to the router so I now have a 500GB hard drive as remote storage and have also installed a MiniDLNA media server so we can listen to our music collection wirelessly on our tablets.



IMG_20160322_203250898~01The metering system on the boat which is part of the Heart Interface has been returning false readings for some while so I purchased some new meters from eBay and now have some pretty blue meters which after finding how to adjust them now give accurate readings. Oh, and I’ve re-installed Windows 10 on my laptop which has speeded it up considerably.
See, I warned you it was a boring post!

Optus–A Mobile Disaster

After 4 weeks on holiday in Oz the only thing I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to is Optus Mobile.
I believe my account security was compromised and could not get a customer representative to take this issue seriously.

A catalogue of mistakes including:

  1. Incorrect address on my sales invoice, only 1 word in address correct.
  2. On the day I installed the original SIM I was charged $5 for a 5 second international call.
  3. After 3 weeks working OK no coverage for 2 days (7th & 8th Dec) and SIM being apparently blocked.
  4. Called number from another phone, rang out but no answer.
  5. ScreenshotReceived SMS messages from unknown person accusing me of stealing their phone.
  6. Customer service tried to change number, but SIM still would not register.
  7. Since visiting Optus shop and changing SIM & Service Number on 9th I have had a calls from people I do not know & should not know my number.
  8. My Optus shows use of my number on 7th & 8th when I had no connection, my SIM only being replaced the morning of the 9th. I also have no data available & Extras credit is $5 less than it should be.
  9. Unable to contact Customer Service (Ha!) by phone or live chat, sent complaint via website… No response!
  10. On eventually getting through to Customer Service and changing number again was told no one could possibly have used my number or

    How about this gem?


  11. Someone else’s  voice-mails and greeting still on new number.
  12. Asked to escalate complaint, promised response in 3 to 4 days, conveniently after I leave the country.

My whole experience with Optus has been most unsatisfactory and I have wasted hours of my time trying to resolve it. I therefore expected to be compensated for this disastrous performance.



Optus finally admit to double allocation of my SIM card <<Basically a number that was assigned to someone else has popped-up as available and been connected to your SIM as well.>>

The other customer used up my data allowance & extras

‘Customer Service’ appalling, voice service often not available and on-line chat useless if you could even connect. When you can get through operatives are clueless and often rude.

Optus will not compensate me as I have now ceased the service.

Do you know what breach of contract is Optus?
I certainly won’t be using your service again.


Transcript of Facebook Messages to Optus:

Hi Opus, re. your post, details as follows [Private details deleted] In flight on aircraft at present so cannot receive phone calls, but Facebook or email available. Will appreciate your comments on the situation. Regards Chris Wren

Sun 04:35

Thanks Chris, it does look an issue with double allocation of the SIM card has caused the issue. Basically a number that was assigned to someone else has popped-up as available and been connected to your SIM as well. It sounds like you are en route out of Oz so not sure what we can do to help you, as crediting a service you may not be using again would be a bit redundant. Are you likely to use this Optus service again in the future or pass onto someone else? Meg

Hi Meg, thanks for getting back to me. I guessed that’s what had happened, but none of your customer service staff could accept the possibility, resulting in me wasting my time on the phone. Instead of crediting airtime perhaps a refund against the original invoice would be the easiest way to compensate me for the inconvenience. Chris

PS A card payment reversal would be a way to do it.

Sun 21:27

Appreciate it’s been frustrating Chris, as Meg advised we can certainly look a credit on the Optus service once it becomes active and is being used. We wouldn’t be able to refund any payments to your card. Esther

How Far?

We’ve been back at our mooring for over a week now having hopped back down from Cropredy and moored in Banbury Castle Quays (town centre) for a couple of nights to get our post, some shopping and for Joy to return to her art class although she has been doing ‘distance learning’ by following their projects from photos her tutor has been sending her.

I’m not very good at recording distances and all that, but an estimate from CanalPlan AC tells me that over the last four months we have  covered…

663 miles, 206 yards and 292 locks.

GPS Visualizer created this map of our meanderings.

Overview Map 2

Since returning we have retrieved our car from it’s temporary home and and got it through a MoT with help from my ex-colleagues at the college.

1201LampHaving got the car back on the road, on Saturday we visited Finmere Car Boot Sale, where I was almost tempted to buy an Aladdin Lamp but a new glass chimney and mantle would have increased the cost at least seven-fold! From there we went on to visit my sister, Jan in Rushden to bore her with our holiday snaps!

On Sunday we went to Heyford Park Chapel where we received a warm welcome from our friends after being absent for so long and afterwards we de-camped to Heyford Wharf where we met lots more friends from my Oxfordshire Narrowboats days including Annie & Tim who are now back ‘down south’ running Kizzie’s Bistro where we enjoyed a light lunch with our friends Ruth & Barry who also happened to be there.

As we were enjoying our food the Good Ship Bones appeared beside us in the winding hole and we exchanged greetings before she headed back off in the opposite direction with promises to catch up properly soon.

Yesterday was Joy’s birthday so we spent the day in Gloucestershire meeting friends at the Berry Blue Café in Cam and finished the day with a meal at The Hawbridge Inn beside the Severn near Tirley with our son Jeremy.


R & R at Fenny & south to Cropredy

As intimated in our last blog we have stayed in Fenny Compton for a few days, on Friday evening we were joined by Ruth and Barry from Heyford for an evening meal at The Wharf Inn and subjected them to a viewing on some of our 2000 plus photos over coffee back on the boat.

On Saturday afternoon our friend Allison joined us for the weekend and on Sunday we spent the day at Stoke Bruerne Village at War, we always enjoy this event and gives everyone an excuse to dress up in 40s style. We were fortunate to see and hear a Spitfire fly overhead and see the displays of historic boats and militaria.

More of my photos here on Facebook (no log in needed) and hundreds on Flickr which are much better than mine.:-)

Monday morning was chill out time and after lunch Allison drove us into Banbury and while the girls hit the charity shops I collected the post and got a passport photo done for my passport renewal.

We said our goodbyes to Allison after tea & cake at The Whistling Kettle and then caught the bus back to Fenny.

IMG_20150915_102839162Today we have reversed back to the waterpoint and joined the queue to top up.

For anyone passing that way, beware of a hole beside the piling at the end of the waterpoint moorings, just right to break an ankle if you catch your foot in it.

I have emailed C&RT to advise them of the danger.


WEJourneyMap-44281We eventually got away at 10 to 11 and travelled south through Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’, Claydon, Elkington`s, Varney`s & Broadmoor Locks, nine in all.

The rain caught us out at Varney’s Lock then it stopped for a while until we moored up at Cropredy when it poured down again.. ..

.. and now the sun is out!

At Fenny for a few days

WEJourneyMap-44152Yesterday we spent the morning with culinary tasks, Joy made Scouse for tea and then we started converting our foraged damsons and apples into chutney, we were short of raisons and dark soft brown sugar so we made the short journey to the bottom of Napton Locks.

On the way we took pictures of the windmill (again!) the one zoomed in makes the new house look as if it’s right next to the windmill while the other one shows it’s not!

We moored above the first lock and walked up to the village shop for the necessary supplies. After lunch we left the chutney simmering while we continued up the locks to spend the night at Marston Doles. We enjoyed the Scouse and then put the chutney into jars before turning in.

DSCN2317This morning we did a load of washing before leaving and attempted another load at our brunch stop near the famous radio mast but the generator ran out of petrol! After lunch we continued on our circuitous way following the contours along the summit level and arrived in Fenny Compton about 2 pm and were fortunate to get the one available space which even more fortunately a 14 day mooring as we want to stay here for a few days.

In the short time we’ve been moored up we’ve already seen friends,  Brian on nb Harnser passed by and Jim from nb Smoking Badger walked past on his way back from the village. More visitors are expected over the coming days, we must be back on home turf (or is that water). Catty is well pleased too as she has been out exploring familiar haunts.

Napton Bound

DSCN2299This morning was a total difference to yesterday, damp and cold as we left, the rain never came to anything but the cool breeze continued all day.


Our only locks today were at Hilmorton and we were assisted  at the first pair by a Volunteer Lockkeeper, then we were on our own but met boats coming down the flight at every lock.

DSCN2307It was on through the Barby Straight and 2½ hours later we were at Braunston, we watered up at the junction, then on through to Braunston Marina for a pump out, and moored just outside was Maffi’s boat, Milly M so we hijacked him for a pint at The Boathouse, it didn’t take much to persuade him!
We enjoyed catching up on each others news and generally putting the world to rights and were surprised to find it was 4 o’clock when we emerged.

On we went and at 6 pm we squeezed into a mooring spot near Napton Bridge 111 with inches to spare.

A long day to Rugby

DSCN2254The volunteer lock keeper at Atherstone reminded us that Shackerstone Festival  had been on this last weekend and this became clear as we met several of the participants and visitors as we left Hartshill this morning.

At Wood Bridge we met our first of the historic boats, Kangaroo towing the butty Australia on a short line, we were able to pull onto Springwood Haven’s wharf  and keep out of the way.

We continued to meet boats until we reached Marston Junction where The Ashby starts to make it’s way to the current terminus at Shackerstone.

DSCN2275Our approach to Nuneaton was marked by an increase of rubbish in the canal even before we had reached any housing, it’s disappointing when a town seems to turn it’s back on the canal. The only item of interest being Boot Wharf with it’s moorings and boatyard.

We were soon out of town and passing the quirky Charity Dock with The Stig & A Fine Lady on a White Horse in residence.



It was then on to Hawkesbury Junction with the 180 degree turn under the bridge and into the basin to queue for the lock, a boat was having issue with opening the lock gate but it was soon resolved and historic boat, Panther went on through, then it was our turn. 


DSCN2282We had considered stopping at Ansty or Newbold but there were no moorings available at either, so as the weather was still glorious we kept going until we reached Rugby’s Visitor Moorings at Brownshill.

The longest day we have done for a long time, 21.48 miles, 8h7m, 1 Lock and 76 Bridges, then shopping at Tesco after tea… Phew.


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