Winter Moorings

When I wrote my last posting little did I know that the hundred or so words about Barby Moorings would generate such a reaction. Within an hour or so I had comments and personal messages warning me of the lack of actual facilities there and some directing me to a thread on a discussion forum (I’m sure that Google will find the thread for you if you’re interested) about the problems which moorers were experiencing there.

When we visited the site on the day I published the post, it was clear that it was far from complete, but were assured by the owner that the pontoons (including the one we were to moor on) and basic facilities would be there by the time we arrived, hence my upbeat description of the facilities planned; I mean… would we have handed over a deposit if we weren’t convinced? I did however make it clear by use of phases such as with plans and other amenities are to be added in the coming months that these were indeed plans.

I didn’t  make immediate changes to my blog as I could not be sure which were facts and which were merely allegations, however one contributor to the forum decided from my ‘glowing testimonial’ I was a lackey of the the owners and launched an astonishingly personal attack on me calling into question my integrity and even my faith. (To be fair, I have since received a message of apology from him.)

Needless to say all this raised questions in our minds as to whether this was really the place for us to spend the winter (even if it costs us our deposit) and as we understand that the promised works are still incomplete, we have decided to take a BW winter mooring here at Fenny Compton.

“Who steals my purse, steals trash, but he that filches from me my good name robs me of that which not enriches him and makes me poor indeed.”

Othello Act 3, scene 3 – William Shakespeare


All Change Again

DSCF2752aSince enjoying Banbury Canal Day at the beginning of the month with our son & grandchildren (Thai food for lunch washed down with Hook Norton beer) and the excitement of seeing a steam narrow boat passing our mooring at Banbury on its way there, we have moved north, once more, to Cropredy, with the pleasant company of our minister Ian and his lovely wife Erika on the journey.


One of the delights of living on a boat is that you can move from one area to another with very little effort. After getting iced in last winter at Thrupp (not that the residents of Thrupp aren’t delightful ) we thought we would moor up in a marina this year. After examining some possibilities we chose Barby Moorings near Rugby.






This is a a new marina development on the Oxford canal 2 miles from Hillmorton locks and just 5 miles from Braunston Junction. The owners have an innovative approach with plans for a Solar Farm and a Wind Turbine to supply the site’s electricity and a whole range of other amenities are to be added in the coming months. There are some bankside moorings with little gardens and others will be  on prefabricated pontoons, each mooring is fully serviced with electrical power, water, wired internet and digital ready TV aerial socket. What luxury!

Grandpa said "Come & look at this nice little bird"

So today I said goodbye to my colleagues in the Motor Vehicle Department at Oxford and Cherwell Valley Collegeand coincidentally had an interview for a part time job as an IT Technician at a college near Coventry. I’ll not hold my breath over this as I haven’t any formal qualifications in this area but they must have liked the sound of me well enough to want to meet me… Watch this space!

We have had the pleasure of the company of an ex-Thrupp resident who is making a break for freedom over the last couple of days, Maffi moored up next to us and we spent a couple of convivial evenings together. No doubt we will meet up again as our journeys progress northward.

It will be with some sadness that we will have to make our farewells to our friends at Heyford Park Chapel for a few months at least, but we will be staying in touch with them, not least because I am their webmaster!

I can also report that we are still very pleased with the output of our solar panels, seldom running the engine for more than an hour each day for battery charging and water heating. It’s also very gratifying to hear flattering remarks about their clever design.

  Embarrassed smile