On the Mend

What a change in the weather since my last post, it’s been over a month but in that time I’ve been engaged as chief cook & bottle-washer while Joy has been incapacitated by her fracture. The good news is that on attending the fracture clinic last Wednesday, they were so pleased with the healing progress that she was told that the sling was no longer necessary and discharged her! Thanks for all your good wishes & prayers.

2013-05-03 21.55.13

She still has quite a bit of bruising which has yet to disperse and also has to go to physiotherapy for a few more weeks where they are giving her a regime of exercises to help regain the movement in her elbow and shoulder.

Needless to say she is impatient to do all the things she has been prevented from doing for the last few weeks and I have to keep reminding her it’s not yet a week since her she was discharged!


The recent events haven’t entirely disrupted our social calendar as we have had a visit from Anne & Gordon, friends from Gloucestershire who we took on a short trip last Saturday, experiencing sun, rain, hail, thunder and lightning all in the same afternoon, needless to say the rest of the week had been lovely!

2013-04-29 15.20.38Minor emergency repairs were called for on the boat when a water hose burst, depositing most of the coolant in the bilges, fortunately it happened on our mooring and I was able to effect a temporary repair and order a new hose from a local motor factor which we collected on our way back from a visit to my sister the next day. Jan not only provided us with lunch but also a selection of garden tools to tend our new plot.

I have been working on a new project, Banbury Boaters, a community website for boaters in the local area. Take a look and if you have any ideas or would like to contribute an article get in touch, oh and click the Facebook ‘like’ button at the foot the page if you are so inclined.

On Friday we made a trip by car to Merthyr Tydfil, the longest journey Joy has made recently as the bumpy road surfaces and severe bruising don’t go together well. The occasion was Rebecca’s 30th birthday and we joined Jeremy and her family for a lovely meal at what she describes as her favourite, quirky restaurant, the Penylan Restaurant who provided an intimate atmosphere and created special vegetarian and lactose free dishes for us two.

On the way home we called in for afternoon tea at The GWR (Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway) at Toddington where we saw a steam train pulling into the station and a Scammell Scarab delivery truck, ah memories of childhood!