Our favourite Holiday Haunt

Skiathos, what can one say? Well you could say it was crowded, commercialised, and full of Brits and it might be true in high season, but take a little trouble to escape from the usual tourist traps of Koukounaries, Troulos et al (great beaches though they may be) and you will be richly rewarded by discovering another aspect to this amazing little island.


It’s said that there are over sixty beaches on this island which is only about twelve miles from one end of its main road to the other, but bring some walking boots, hire a jeep or a off-road motorbike (but only if you are a competent and experienced rider) and take to the dirt roads and tracks which criss-cross this beautiful island, and to will be find breathtaking scenery, hidden valleys, tiny churches and secluded beaches tucked away in the most surprising of places.

Some ‘Exploring’ Tips

  • Get a good map (most are a bit of a joke, but the one with the little guide book by Dieter Harcourt is not bad despite having the look of a child’s drawing and there is another (with a picture of Kehria Monastery on the front, with its pink cupola) was made with the assistance of the Greek Army and is also quite accurate, but neither shows every road, track and footpath!
  • Take an adequate supply of drink with you(I mean water or soft drink, not ouzo!)
  • Be VERY careful NOT to start a fire, parts of the island were devastated in 2000 by forest fires.
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