Life at Heyford Wharf

heyfordWe’ve now been at Heyford Wharf for nearly two weeks now and life is certainly not dull!
I had intended to start work on August 3rd, but as Sam, the other engineer there was going on holiday to Canada on the 4th for 3 weeks it was deemed a ‘good idea’ if I started on the previous Friday so at least he could give me a brief ‘induction’.
Since then I’ve serviced engines, attended breakdowns, drilled out broken glow plugs, refitted a ‘cilled’ rudder and fitted new engine mounts to a boat on the Thames at Radcot. Oh yes AND tried to get my new ‘Electrical Workshop’ set up.

The entrance to my new Electrical Workshop
The entrance to my new Electrical Workshop
Monday afternoon David, ‘The Boss’ popped into the workshop and said ” I wonder if you could do me a favour?” He needed on of his dayboats brought back from Thrupp to the wharf and asked Joy & me if we could do it. It’s amazing what confidence people have in my boating ability considering my lack of experience! Thrupp to Heyford is a mere 8 miles but with 5 locks and a maximum speed of 4 mph it takes 4½ hours, so it was getting dark by the time we got back to base after leaving Thrupp at 5:15pm. Joy described it as a steep learning curve, was that something to do with stepping off the boat to moor up when it was still moving & landing head first in the hedge? (She said something about me going too fast!)
She didn’t drop the mooring rope though… Good Girl!!!