Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 3

After a visit to the village shop for bread & cat munchies we said goodbye to Cropredy and continued our way northwards, passing the new Cropredy Marina where workers were beavering away to install the pontoons which seemed to be supported on lengths of piling. I would have thought that some cross bracing was in order, but I guess they’ve done this sort of thing before.

All the locks were in our favour, and on reaching the Claydon Flight we started to meet boats coming the other way which is always helpful to both parties. Joy did very well and despite knocking her bad elbow, she revived herself with a vodka & coke and then steered the boat into and between all the locks in the flight.

We were soon at Claydon Top Lock where we met Ian (ex Gosty Hill) who opened the gates for us. The adjacent cottage is for sale, a lovely location but I’d find it hard to justify the £350k price tag!

Onwards through Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’ and arriving at Fenny to catch up with Quentin & Sue (nb Twizzle) again and an afternoon painting the back doors.  Finally a slideshow of some snapshots we took on the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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