Rewind… or is it déjà vu?

Today I started work at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College again!
The recent shenanigans  with our intended winter moorings means that we are still only about 10 miles away from Banbury and a meeting with one of my (ex)colleagues resulted in me getting my old job back with a few extra hours too. [Thanks ‘Digger’]

We are settling in nicely at Fenny Compton, just a hundred yards or so away from the water point, which is next to the Wharf Inn which has a small shop and a launderette too, a great excuse to have a pint or a meal whilst the washing is doing. Fenny Marina is a quarter of a mile the other way with gas, diesel, pump out, a decent chandlery and all the other usual marina facilities, so we should be well catered for over the winter months.

We have met old friends and new neighbours since we have been here, Keith who accompanied us on part of our maiden voyage is moored nearby and James & Tilley invited us to share their fireworks on Bonfire Night and joined us for a few drinks on our boat afterwards. Tilley writes a quirky blog about her boating adventures which I have included a link to in the sidebar.

Catty is very happy with the arrangements here as she is allowed to go out and explore and shows her appreciation by bringing in presents of mice.
In my ‘month-off’ we’ve visited Joy’s sister & brother-in-law near Southampton and the incredible Chandlery Barge which is based in a World War II concrete supply barge on the river Hamble. I’ve also taken the opportunity to replace our oven/grill unit with a nice shiny stainless steel Spinflo unit which we found on ebay and collected from Nuneaton on our way to visit friends near Leicester and had a visit from my sister, niece and great-nephew (Surely I can’t be old enough to go up to the pub with a great-nephew? But of course my sister is much older than me! )