Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 5

DSCF4222It was up and away this morning after watering up we left what we think of as home territory and set off along the summit level of the Oxford canal as it follows the twists and turns of the 384ft contour line. Some people find this stretch boring but the canal builders seem to have had a sense of humour as many of the accommodation bridges are on blind bends so you have to be ever-vigilant as you approach them and even the Wormleighton radio mast plays tricks on you, appearing to hop from one side of the canal to the other just to keep you on your toes!

DSCF4269When we reached Marston Doles, we found a C&RT workboat adrift across the canal. With the help of a boater coming the other way who pushed it back to the side, I retrieved the mooring rope & pin and secured it. We planned to moor up here for lunch but there was no space, and as another boat was just leaving the top lock we slipped in and moored two locks down for a bacon and egg brunch.

At the next lock we met a volunteer lockie who helped us down to the bottom of the flight where stopped outside the Folly Inn and we rewarded ourselves with an ice cream from the shop. We considered stopping here for the night but we pressed on to the next pub The Bridge Inn where we had our home-made lasagne on board before a post-prandial drink at the pub, where the phone signal was unaccountably much better, well that’s our excuse anyway!

Lots of photos again today, here are just some of them.

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