Steam at Heyford

One of the joys of living near the canal is also being near the railway line and sometimes we are treated to a steam train coming through!

If you look carefully you can see Bones waiting for the train… standing on the roof of her boat, and still missing it. 😀


The trials & tribulations of selling a house

Oh.. My.. Goodness! They say selling a house is only second in raising stress levels to getting married (or is it divorced?) and they might just be right!

The good news is that we have a new buyer (I won’t say it’s sold until the money’s in the bank!) and the process is under way towards completing the sale. I thought these HIPs (Home information Packs) which we are compelled to buy, costing hundreds of pounds, were supposed to streamline the sale process, but oh no, the buyers solicitor wants to do a new local search because ours will be out of date and that has caused a six week delay, so far, whist Stroud District Council get their act together. Our buyers have changed from buying jointly, to buying in a single name only to take advantage of the Stamp Duty exemption for first time buyers, notwithstanding the fact that we accepted their (low) offer on the basis that they wanted to complete within 8 weeks! But our solicitors assure us that “It won’t be long now”.

Solicitors!!! What a load of wasters (putting it as politely as I can) I could write a book! We actually saw a boat we would have liked to buy, but the broker wouldn’t accept a deposit from us without some evidence that we had a buyer for our house. Our solicitor promised to do it the next day, but would I send an email to remind him (!!!) In fact he took three days just in time for us to ring the broker and be told that he had accepted a deposit from someone else 😦

Never-the-less we have seen another boat we like, but feel it’s overpriced, and are off today to view two more.

Ah well, lets hope my next post won’t be so long in appearing and I can report some Really Good News.