Fenny Compton to Braunston & then to Rugby

DSCF1867We tore ourselves away from the comforts of Fenny Compton Wharf and continued our way northwards, where the canal weaves it’s way following the contours of the farmland with extravagant loops and curves, guaranteeing meeting oncoming boats on the tightest of the bends, in fact one boat seemed to have lost it’s way entirely, ending up on top of a hill!

DSCF1870Nesting swans, broods of ducklings and spring lambs were in evidence today but I refrained from showing the lambs the mint growing in the planter on the roof, ‘cos that might be classed as sheep-worrying! The hedgerows showed the value of hedge-laying in days gone by, the layered boughs having developed into thick horizontals stronger than any fence. We met a lady boater whose engine was making a ‘funny noise’ it transpired that it was a squealing alternator belt which was easily adjusted.

DSCF1874As we arrived at Marston Doles there was congestion as a boat was stopped at the waterpoint, another took up the rest of the lock mooring whilst yet a another, having come up the nine Napton Locks, winded [turned round] and went back down again! We therefore took this as a sign it was time for a lunch break.



DSCF1880This was a Good Plan as on resuming our journey we seemed to be the only boat going down the flight, but there were plenty coming up which was good news for us, taking just two hours to make it to the bottom where we rewarded ourselves with ice creams from the shop next to The Folly pub.



DSCF1886We continued past the famous Napton Windmill and the ponies grazing in the fields on past Napton Junction and the Floating Bike Shop and found a mooring just before Braunston with magnificent views despite a new thatched ‘cottage’ being built.



As this failed to upload last night we will continue with todays news.

DSCF1888We arrived at Braunston Junction to the sound of church bells calling the faithful to come and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, but we backsliders turned left, passing nb Calm Down from Thrupp and made our way towards Rugby.

DSCF1896This section was very busy this morning as were Hillmorton Locks, bridge number 80 was still looking in danger of collapse as it was last time we passed it and we noted that a new marina was being dug out at Barby Moorings.

We arrived for a late lunch at Rugby Visitor Moorings  after a short day with just the three locks at Hillmorton.

Happy Easter

One thought on “Fenny Compton to Braunston & then to Rugby”

  1. The boat on the hill has floated around the Braunston area for years, been invoved in a small fire but I can never remember it having a licence on display.

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