Banbury to Fenny Compton

DSCF1860aAnother glorious day and we were really fortunate as most locks were in our favour and at some we were met by boats leaving the gates open for us so good progress was made. We even met these characters at Clattercote Wharf.

We stopped and had a multi ethnic lunch, a Greek meze with olives & tzatziki, a Greek Cornish Pasty containing the remains of last nights mousaka and a glass of Thwaites Mild just before Claydon Locks.

DSCF1863We climbed to the summit, through Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’ and had an early finish at Fenny Compton Wharf  where the Wharf Inn have a launderette and two meals for a tenner on offer… Couldn’t be refused so clothes were washed and meals washed down with a couple of glasses of liquid refreshment.

Now a relaxing evening with good telly signal, good internet signal AND good phone signal… we may just have to stay here! But no, Braunston beckons tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Banbury to Fenny Compton”

  1. Dear Sirs
    You should be aware that under EU regulations pasties that bear the ascription “Cornish” must have been made in Cornwall. Otherwise a breach of the law is said to have occured. Penalties may be incurred.
    We are happy not to take this further, but if further infringements of the law are noticed we will be forced to take action.
    Happy Easter
    John & Fi

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