Summer Cruise – Day 25

The river conditions today only continue to get worse, but on the bright side the weather forecast foretold no rain today so we decided on a daytrip to London. We took a taxi to Staines station and headed for Waterloo, once we had mastered the technology of the ticket machine!

DSCF3599The trip up to town took about 40 minutes and I attempted a snap of Twickenham Bridge which we had passed under a few days ago. Joy wanted to see Tower Bridge with its Olympic Rings attached so, taking advantage of our bus passes, we caught the RV1 bus and took touristy photos of the area, including of course The Shard.


DSCF3589We caught the bus back to London Bridge Station, bought souvenirs, and some refreshment at a bagel shop. We walked back towards the river and stumbled across Redriff Primary School Carnival at The Scoop, celebrating their five school values Aspiration, Adventure, Individuality, Enlightened, Compassionate and the Olympic 2012 theme.

Panorama from Tower Bridge

After this we made our way back to the boat early enough to avoid getting caught up in the rush hour. We finished our day with an excellent meal from The Lemon House Chinese Takeaway who delivered it to the boat in an incredibly short time.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Cruise – Day 25”

  1. I love the idea behind your blog! Though this weather must be putting a bit of a dampener on your summer cruise! Thanks so much for sharing the photos of Redriff’s Carnival. My youngest son was one of the little ones in the red t-shirts with a french flag on his chest. I wasn’t able to make it to the scoop to watch them, so was happy to see a tiny piece of the carnival on your blog 🙂

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