A New Name

It’s always a privilege to see an artist’s work develop, and Mike Doig, our signwriter is no exception, after a brief discussion about wrens, nests and the font style for our boat’s name and us being somewhat vague about it “Something like the previous style with curly bits on the first letters of each word” within a few minutes Mike had sketched out a layout in white pencil which looked OK so we said “would you like us to bu**er off for a bit?” He said “Yes please” and by the time we got back, this is what we saw …. Fantastic!!!

The next day Mike was back to add the Wrens and after one last night in the paint dock whilst the paint dried we are back out on ‘The Cut’ and showing off our new name to anyone who will look. In honour of the new name and our new start we now have a new blog address nbwrensnest.wordpress.com so we look forward to seeing you there in the future.


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