In Dock

Well folks, sorry for the break in transmission over the last few days but our boat has been ‘indoors’ making internet access ‘interesting’. The reason is that we are having our name panels repainted which on Bank Holiday Monday involved a trip to Midland Chandlers at Braunston to buy a can of ivory paint, as Ian, the painter declared that the cream paint we had ordered didn’t match.

After a round trip to Braunston we returned with said paint plus two anchors and two TV aerials for my erstwhile boss, David, who hearing we were going there offered the loan of his van if we could just pick up a couple of things!

We then turned around and set off for Crick Boat Show where we had intended to go first thing in the morning. We bought a few bits and pieces but our star buy was a tiller pin with a wren on it 😀

Arriving back at the wharf in the evening there was a note from Ian saying “Sorry, its not Ivory either” so on Tuesday we made a decision NOT to try and match the colour but use a can of dark red/maroon which had been used on the rear doors, I’m happy to report that results are quite pleasing and today our signwriter Mike came to paint on her new name, but more of that in the next exciting episode.


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