Goodbye to the Severn

Saturday 23rd July

m v elgardSo delayed by a day we left the docks on Saturday, we asked the lock-keeper if we could leave about 9am but there seemed to be so many boats entering the lock that we decided to wait for the next batch. So as soon as the keeper had emptied the lock and given us the green light to enter, we started across the basin only for him to close the gates and put the red light back on. He came over and shouted his apologies as he had just heard that The Edward Elgar was  headed for the lock and we really wouldn’t want to meet that, so we didn’t get away until 11am in the end.

P1020261We passed a number of boats in the “narrows” but after that it was a quiet trip up to Worcester and despite the promise of an incoming tide we really didn’t notice any effect from it. The huge Upper Lode lock which marks the of the tidal section was negotiated on our own.

At Upton on Severn we caught up with nb Marieke (which I remembered used to moor at Heyford Wharf)  and joined them for the next two locks and finally we reached Worcester Racecourse moorings by 7:30pm. A journey of 30 miles taking eight and a half hours.


After a busy day we treated ourselves to a takeaway from Ashleys Indian Restaurant, which they happily delivered to the boat. Joy enjoyed Salmon La Jawab while I had Green Lamb (Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh coriander, mint, fresh green chilli, lemon juice and garlic) which despite it’s khaki colour was absolutely delicious.

Sunday 24th July

All_Saints_Church, Sunday we visited All Saints Church for their contemporary morning worship and had a quiet afternoon as I think I had caught a little to much sun on Saturday and felt a bit under-the-weather.

Photo:  Philip Halling [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday 25th July

P1020286In the morning we walked down to have look around the cathedral before returning to the boat. A few days ago Halfie mentioned in his blog seeing a telephone box converted to a cash point in Chester, guess what, we saw one too on the way back. Joy got a photo, but not with such an attractive person using it as Halfie did. [Go on, click here to satisfy your curiosity] As soon as we got back to the boat we headed off about 11:30am.

P1020291Just three Severn locks today and just after 3pm we were ready to climb the double staircase into the basin. After seeing a hire boat down to the river the volunteer lock-keeper asked if we had done the locks before and then disappeared when I told him we had! We needed to fill up with water before tackling York Street Lock, but as we were fourth in the queue that was no problem and when we finally got through we were lucky to find a space exactly the right size for us (and I mean with just inches to spare) at the first set of moorings.


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