Summer Cruise – Day 2

Saturday morning dawned bright and early and I set off at 9am leaving the ladies to get their breakfast, I was just congratulating myself on successfully single handing through Somerton Deep Lock, I popped the boat into reverse while I shut the gate, jumped back on to get under way, into forward gear… That’s funny, we’re still going backwards, damn, broken gear cable! What to do?

Down the engine hole, attach string to gear linkage, out through floor plate and hey presto, we have lift off! Pull string to go forward, can still use gear lever to engage neutral or reverse… Result!

We managed to make good progress catching up with another Heyford resident on nb Albert out for a weekend jaunt.

The Cherwell was fairly high at Aynho but we had no problem at the weir or with the headroom under Nell Bridge, however after that the wind became quite lively but there was only one time when it pinned us to the piling after coming out of a lock. I’m afraid we had to keep our speed a bit higher than normal to maintain steerage past moored boats, so sorry to any who I inconvenienced.

We reached Banbury safely and while Joy & Allison went shopping, I managed to buy a new gear cable from Tooley’s Boatyard and restored the gearshift to normal operation.


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 2”

  1. It’s good to see you’re off on your trip. Have a wonderful time and I just hope the weather improves!!

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