Easy Sunday

DSCF0250 After the exertions of staircases & The Bratch three today was a doddle as we only had six single locks and three junctions (no decisions to make as we stayed on the Staffs & Worcs) through to Hatherton Junction.

Lucky Duck The only excitements of today were zillions of Sunday anglers, some with carbon fibre poles which they only lifted at the last minute but generally very civil; running aground after trying to read a sign that said “Shallow” (!!!!) and seeing nb Lucky Duck which belongs to Amy & James, two young graduates whose blog we have followed since they decided to become liveaboards at about the same time as us.

We spent the late afternoon on the phone booking flights to visit our daughter & family in Australia and arranging for our friend Gilly, who is in her native Midlands instead her home in Scotland, to visit us tomorrow, maybe she can act as interpreter! “Yow aw right?” 

We stopped here at Hatherton as there is a pub next to the marina where we hoped to have an evening meal but alas “No food Sunday Evening” 😦 so we went back to the boat and found a lamb shank in the freezer and cooked our own roast.


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