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Under starter’s orders for Liverpool

Sunday morning 12 boats lined up at Hancock`s Swing Bridge and we went through in two convoys of 6 to Salthouse Dock it took about 6 hours. The C&RT guys cheerfully did the locks and bridges for us in the rain. Before we reached Stanley Locks Chris had to stop 3 times and open weed hatch to clear the propeller of rubbish.

Once through the four locks we were into the dock area proper changing from derilict warehouses to the modern waterside building and the iconic city landmarks. There were two more locks and three tunnels, one which took us under Liverpool Museum.


When you went though the last tunnel and lock the view hit you massive great glass buildings, ships, museums etc. Unfortunately because of the rain many of the photos have rain spots, but will post some below and link to a Facebook album with more in.

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We moored up on our allocated pontoon and put our gas central heating on, we also took advantage of the free electricity and put the tumble dryer to dry our soaking clothes!

DSCN1668Later we had friends visit, who used to go to our old church in Gloucestershire, we hadn’t seen them in years and we had a great evening sharing a meal and catching up with each other’s news.

Yesterday we went to a huge shopping centre and in the afternoon the Liverpool Museum, we only did the first floor so back again today.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so we are on the lookout for somewhere to eat .Good train and bus service here so one day we are thinking of going on the open air bus, but we will wait hopefully for good weather, last night was very windy here 3 o’clock Chris had to go outside and rescue the satellite dish which had blown over. So we have been lazing in bed this morning.

shopping by canal

As we had good internet coverage where we moored up last night, we decided to find out about our holiday to Australia to see our family and friends.

This made us later leaving we had some different locks to learn today you had a special key to unlock it with before you prepared it this was anti-vandalism precautions. I got back into the swing of taking the boat through the locks again as for the last few weeks they were done for you.

We had a shorter day today as we moored up twice and went food shopping. Wow I got Chris into Tesco and Sainsbury on the same day!

We were very impressed with Kidderminster they really made use of the canal this was a very pretty and cared for canal the Staffordshire and Worcester.

Wolverley Village & Church
We are now moored up by Wolverley lock went for a walk around the village to visit St John the Baptist church built in 1772. The legend goes that the Lord of the manor, a crusader called Attwood was found in chains in the meadow, having been miraculously transported from a prison after seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary. On the way back I picked blackberries for tea.

and so to Leamington Spa & Warwick

We were woken up this morning at 6:30am by people talking, we found out afterwards they were fishing which meant we got a bit earlier start.

IMG_0659 We paired up again with Judy and Graham on Katherine, to do some more locks. I feel I am getting more confident steering the boat in and leave the hard work to Chris preparing them.




IMG_0663 As we entered through the back gardens of Leamington Spa we left nb Katherine as we moored up and managed to do a bit of shopping, we found a Co-op and Iceland in easy walking distance from the canal although, would you believe it, on the route to Warwick was Lidl even with its own moorings followed by a large Tesco.

IMG_0666 Passing through to Warwick we crossed the River Leam and the railway line over aqueducts and this evening we walked into Warwick town and got an Indian take away; very nice, even Cattie enjoyed the Chicken Kashmiri, we need to build up our strength for the Hatton Locks tomorrow!



IMG_0671 Tomorrow we have arranged to meet Judy and Graham again so as we can go through the locks together, we shall also have extra crew to help us as our friends Allison and Paul from Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge,  are coming to help us, many hands make light work as they say..
Let’s hope so 😀

Day Off

We went by train back to Lower Heyford today, picked up our car back from my friends Emily and Chris who has been kindly looking after it for us and I went to keep fit at Upper Heyford and had a good work out with individual attention. As some people were ill and others on holiday it turned out I was the only one so I did exercises for building up muscles for all those locks I will be facing in the future,

Got the train back and did some therapeutic shopping, including getting presents for my Grandson Morley’s birthday.

The duck shoot, the bare facts

There was this terrible knocking noise like rumbling thunder at 4.30 in the morning. So I leapt out of bed and went and stuck my head out of the kitchen window and realized it was a duck pulling and eating weed of our boat.

How dare they peck holes in her, I took hold  of the miniature water pistol I sometimes use on cattie if she is being bad and scratching the furniture.

I aimed a good shot through the kitchen window she jumped and went off

I do love ducks, I really do, I feed them all the time!

Sorry no photos I’ll leave you to guess why 😀

… and there’s another week gone!

This week has been odd job and do it yourself week we have enjoyed being moored up against Acorn No 5 whilst Chris has been doing several jobs on it for John. I  have learnt how to get over stiles properly as there is one to get out from his garden.

We seem to have spent half the week in Wickes and Maplins, I was left in the car, nobody would even do that to a dog in this heat!

We moved the boat yesterday such a long way…the other side of the canal to the 48 hr moorings so as Chris could put his tools on it from his workshop at the Wharf. This resulted in us sawing his big tool box in half to accommodate it on the boat. Phew what hot work! Mitch, bless her, was an angel in disguise and bought me a coke and helped Chris lift in his dad’s tool chest (which Jeremy, our son, is going to have) into the car. That was mighty heavy!

I went along to Upper Heyford to join in their low impact exercise class, I thought this would build up my muscles for all those locks I have got to face….

We really enjoyed having visitors pop in yesterday, the crew of Marjorie B called in as they were on their way to the pub.

Catty put on her sad face, “Please let me out of my cage they are mean to me.” she doesn’t mean it, as soon as she is let out she wants to get back in, I think she thinks of all those mice she is missing.