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That Cat! they said… moi?

Well… It wasn’t my fault, I mean… They left Fenny Compton, one of my favourite hunting grounds, way too early but soon I was up on top of the hatch checking everything was OK. When they got to Claydon Locks I went inside and kept an eye on things from on  top of  the sink unit.

Artsy Fartsy shot at Clattercote Wharf

By the time got to Cropredy they seemed to coping all right without me, although there were loads of boats there for the Festival, so I went and had a lie down in a cool and quiet place while they filled up with water and put rubbish in the bins, which, by the way, were a disgrace with stuff overflowing onto the floor like they were last time we came through, I bet I could get a full time job there as a rodent control operative.

We hadn’t gone very far when Mum came inside calling me, then Dad came in and looked in all my usual hidey holes, well I knew it wasn’t food time so I stayed where I was.

The next thing I knew they had stopped the boat at Slat Mill bridge and went off somewhere and left me. They were gone ages, so I just went back to sleep. Eventually Dad came back and looked for pictures of me on the computer and started to make a lost cat poster. Boring! I must have done a bit of a snore because then he found me under the settee, behind his guitar case.

After a bit he went and fetched Mum, apparently they thought I had got off to at Cropredy to stretch my legs and were worried, so they had walked back the 1½ miles looking for me. As if I’d ever wander off like that! Well they couldn’t tell me off could they, I hadn’t done anything wrong!

They must have been pleased to know I was OK though because later on when they moored up in Banbury town centre, they gave me some lamb from their takeaway from the Jaypur Restaurant after they had washed off the curry sauce of course.

Lots of love, Jade (aka Catty)


I’m a Boat Cat


Whilst we were boating up to Banbury, it was such a nice day that I wrote this little song.

You can sing it to the tune of Little Boxes made popular by Pete Seeger in 1963 if you’re old enough to remember it!

I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
Don’t you know, I’m-such-a special cat
I sit on the roof hatch
And I look all around
And the people stop-and-look-at-me
And they say that, I’m a pretty cat
I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
I’m the talk of the town

Sometimes I just sit in
My cage up, in the pointy bit
There’s shelter when it’s raining
And the water splashes down
But I come in the dry when
I know there are locks about
I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
And I know what’s around


Sometimes in the country
I’m allowed to, go-out-a-bit
And I sit on the towpath
And I march up and down
And the mices and the water rats
They’d better, be afraid of me
I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
And I’m out on the prowl

Sometimes on the towpath
I might meet a silly dog
They bark and they woof
and they jump up and down
So I fluff myself up
And I just sit and stare at them
I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
And we never back down


Sometimes when I’ve been busy
I need-to-go and rest-a-bit
So I jump on the bed
And I lay myself down
And I stretch And I yawn
And I sleep for, just-a-little-bit
I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
And I’m ready for tea

I’m a Boat Cat, I’m a Boat Cat
And I’m very, very proud-of-that
I see all the country
As we travel around
I know all the moorings
And the ducks and geese and waterfowl
I live on a narrowboat
On the Oxford Canal

Up the Junction

Where are those ducks!
Oh, what excitement! My first chance to write something on here! I feel very important now like my friend Boots, actually he isn’t really my friend because he hates cats, he lives with Auntie Mort on her boat Bones and writes her blog for her sometimes (Oh do you think its a bit familiar to call her Auntie Mort because she’s a doctor you know… Not a doctor who’s like a vet for humans, but a doctor who’s very clever and researches scientific stuff which even Mum & Dad can’t understand. Perhaps I’ll just call her Dr Bones, like everyone else.)


Cheeky Ducks!
Anyway… here we are for a couple of days opposite Aynho Junction where the railway lines from Oxford and Bicester  join to go into Banbury and on to Birmingham and because the canal is between our boat and the railway, Dad has persuaded Mum that its safe for me to go out exploring. Wheeee!



The reason why we have stopped here is because Mum has a wheezy chest and needs a rest, Dad wanted to rub it with someone called Vick but she told him to behave himself. Anyway… its really nice here and I’m very busy inspecting all the hedgerows and keeping track of which boats come and go. Oh! I’ve got to tell you last night there was such a noise on top of the boat I was sure there were bad people about like the ones who untied nb Meybe in Banbury &  they woke up on the other side of the canal.

Dogs! Am I bovvered?
I tried all ways to see what it was and made Dad laugh until he took me out the back door and I found out it was just a couple of cheeky ducks on top of our roof! There are sheep and lambs here too who are very noisy sometimes so I have to keep them order, just a minute I’ve got to go and see a dog off who’s walking along my towpath. Well that told him, I fluffed myself up and arched my back and he’s gone now, him and his silly ball he was carrying, sorry but I’ve got to go now, I need some lunch after all that fun, then I’ve got to go and patrol the towpath again.

Ooops! Water seems to be wet.

I was just inspecting the towpath… and well I don’t quite know what happened. Pisht!

Talk to you again soon, Catty x x x