A Sociable few Days

Hello! It’s seems like it’s time for a catch up post as we have had a sociable few days.

Friday 11th May

We left Hawkesbury at 10:00 am and had an uneventful journey to Atherstone.

Near Mancetter we noticed that one of the moorings was for sale, Garden Farm, complete with boat and a smallholding, but out of our price range I’m afraid. We were tied up at Atherstone by two o’clock and later went down the town for some shopping and came back via the chip shop.

Saturday 12th May

We invited our (land-based) neighbours, Deborah, Jon & Izzy,  from our Grendon mooring to a trip down Atherstone locks as despite living next to the canal they had never been on it by boat.

We left Atherstone about 11:30 and made our way down the locks, with help from the volunteer lock-keepers, stopping at the Kings Head for lunch. The pub has been renovated since our last visit but we sat outside and enjoyed our panninis.

After lunch we tackled the rest of the flight with Jon taking the helm and Izzy working the locks with me. We dropped our guests off at their house and moored up near Linda & Cookie’s boat where they had prepared a barbecue to share with us. They came into us for the evening for more tea and chat.

Sunday 13th May

Up and away by half past nine, we topped up with water and collected our post and we were on our way to another lunch appointment.

At Ammington we saw our first signets of the year, I Iike Ammington as it seems to embrace the canal with most properties looking good from the canal. This morning was sunny but there was still a cold wind but by the time we got to Fazeley Junction coats were off but it was not quite shirt-sleeve weather.

At the junction we turned right and moored opposite the old C&RT offices, and more importantly opposite our church friends Peter & Chris’ flat overlooking the basin.

Chris was waiting to help us moor up and soon we were sharing a gammon joint with them which Joy had been cooking as we travelled along. After a three hour lunch break we turned in the basin entrance and headed back to the junction where we joined the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal and started the ascent into Birmingham.

It seemed hard going up to Curdworth Locks where I decided to take a look down the weed-hatch where I found a piece of very pretty green material wrapped around the propeller, after removing that progress was a lot better!


After three locks we moored near the Dog & Doublet and had another visit from Chris & Peter who brought along Charles & Anne (also from church) and we enjoyed a nice evening with them. Anne brought a print for us, we need to frame it now!

Meanwhile we have been kept updated by Paul & Rosemary on their progress, they are catching us up having reached Springwood Haven, but realistically I think it will be central Birmingham before we see them.



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