Fenny to Banbury

Wednesday 11th April

Another rest day today as

  1. It was raining
  2. We were moored outside a pub
  3. We had family visiting.

Our son Jeremy came to visit with his family (still the Easter school holidays, apparently) and we fed them with sausage sarnies for lunch, spent the afternoon chatting and Joy played cards with the kids. We ate at The Wharf before they left taking advantage of their 2 for £12 deal.

Whilst waiting for our meal we saw coalboat Dusty turning at the winding hole and I rushed out to ask them for diesel and a couple of bags of coal. Jock and Kati cheerfully served us in the drizzle, while I returned to my tea. After they had moored up they had to come into the pub too so that I could pay them.

Thursday 12th April

Towpath a bit damp!

This morning was showery, but by midday it was just misty so we left, and travelled through Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’ as far as Boundary lift bridge (near the Warwick/Northants/Oxfordshire borders)  where we were hailed by Ian & Ali, previously of coalboat Gosty Hill and sometime neighbours at Claydon moorings which we passed soon afterwards.

Then it was down the five Claydon Locks, past Clattercote Wharf and Elkingtons, Varneys & Broadmoor locks before mooring above Cropredy lock.

A distinctly damp journey but with no actual rain. We  managed to get an Oxfordshire TV signal (still Birmingham up till now) and settled in for a quiet evening.

Friday 13th April

Canalside Real Estate, beats a caravan in the garden.

It was after 10:30 am before we left  passing a new canalside house being built (we saw the plot for sale back in 2015 see this post).


At Cropredy Services we filled with water and went to dispose of our rubbish.

Just a bit full, eh?

I have to say the bins were an absolute disgrace, they couldn’t have been emptied for weeks. The situation doubtless has not been helped by the removal of the bins at Fenny Compton Wharf, leaving boaters to use the facilities at Fenny Compton Marina which are only available during opening hours and closed Sundays & Mondays.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We only saw two or three boats on the move all the way to Banbury but it was an easy run, just four locks, and we arrived in town about twenty past one. We will stay here a couple of nights then move down to Tramway, near our old mooring and Morrisons.



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