The Home Run

This morning we went to church, since being away on our travels this is the first time we have managed to find ourselves in the right place on a Sunday. Excuses, excuses you all say but we have been keeping up with Tamworth Baptist Church’s sermon podcasts on the internet.

I must say there was a warm welcome at St Paul’s Fazeley, even if the atmosphere was a bit chilly.

Polar Explorers

No, not a central heating failure, but culmination of their week long Holiday Club “Polar Explorers”. The children seem to have had a great time learning about the diverse people who become Jesus’ disciples with the help of Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet not to mention Jeff the Polar Bear.

Returning to the boat we sampled some more of our Greek Week buys, Saganaki,  cheese croquettes for lunch before bearing left onto the Coventry Canal once again and were at Glascote Locks in 40 minutes. There was enough traffic to make the transit easy, one boat up then one down and just after 2pm we stopped near The Gate pub at Amington as the temperature was soaring and we felt the need of a bit of shade.

We sat out the heat of the afternoon and just before 6pm we set off again with a little breeze to cool things down.

Reaching Alvecote  the Historic Boat Gathering was in full swing, with a singer belting out rock & roll favourites from the balcony of The Samuel Barlow, our music era, but not at that volume.

We squeezed through the moored boats and debated whether to stop at Polesworth but in the end we pressed on home to our mooring and arrived at 8:20 just before the light started fading.




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