Foxton to Leicester

Tuesday 1st August

Oh My Goodness, it’s August already! We took another short trip today, this was new territory for us and were able to enjoy the views on this stretch.  We found a lovely spot to moor, just short of Saddington Tunnel, and spent the afternoon and night there in splendid isolation and although there was a minor road nearby it was very peaceful.

A bit cloudy but we stayed dry

Wednesday 2nd August

We were off at 9:30 this morning and passed through the die-straight Saddington Tunnel and soon found ourself at Kibworth Top Lock where a C&RT man was ‘letting water down’ to restore water levels further down the flight. We had to wait a few minutes but he told us there was a lady boater a couple of locks ahead who would appreciate sharing locks with us (these are wide locks) and sure enough she was waiting for us with the lock prepared for us to go straight in and we introduced ourselves to Wenna & Molly the dog.

We made good progress  and we soon got into a routine where she would go ahead in her smaller and nippier boat and prepare the next lock while I closed up after us.

We reached our destination of  Kilby Bridge 12 locks later at quarter to four and Joy and I rewarded ourselves with a drink at The Navigation where they have a reasonably priced menu  but we opted to cook a veggie Penang curry on board and put our feet up for the evening.

The Navigation

Thursday 3rd August

Up and away at 10:00 this morning in the company of nb Rainbows End again and at the second lock (Double Rail Lock) we found another C&RT employee adjusting the water levels, he had a trio of gongoozling horses here who he said usually tried to bite him although they were friendly enough to me!

Horsey Gongoozlers

Another dozen locks today through varying rural and townscapes, we had rain showers at lunchtime and stopped below Gees Lock to share some jacket potatoes which Joy had cooked as we travelled along.

Leicester City Football Ground

You can view lots more photos of our trip by clicking here.

We joined the River Soar for part of the journey and finished our journey at Castle Gardens Moorings which are secured by gated access into the park.  The city centre moorings were a far cry from our usual spots with traffic noise, motorbike on the towpath and sirens through the night but we were snug aboard our boat.

Friday 4th August

Another 9:30 start this morning, just 4 locks today as we alternated between river and canal, one stretch of canal was really black and polluted and we picked up rubbish on our propeller but there was no way I was putting my hand in that water so it had to wait, I got some of it off by going into reverse and trying to ‘chuck it off’.

We had booked a few nights in Leicester Marina on the recommendation of Jan Pickles Price who is a licensed canal Roving Trader selling crochet goodies as “Nancy May Crochet” from her boat Drifter, so we bade farewell to Wenna & Molly at Birstall lock, we have enjoyed their company and hope to meet up again.

Wenna & Molly

By mid-day we negotiated our way into Leicester Marina where we were welcomed and allocated a berth at the very reasonable rate of £6 per night.


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