Foxton to Market Harborough & Back

Friday 28th July

This morning we moved just a few hundred yards down towards Black Horse Bridge as we had arranged to meet our good friends Ted and Carol for lunch and we had arranged to rendezvous opposite the Black Horse pub.

They drove us to The Roebuck, just a 10 minute car journey, where we enjoyed a really good value lunch for £5 per head with pudding for just another £2… well it would have been rude not to!
Couldn’t fault the food or the cheerful service.

Saturday 29th July

Foxton Swingbridge

Well, today is our 45th wedding anniversary so as a treat we made an early start to reach Market Harborough by noon to make sure we got ourselves a mooring.
Our plans were nearly thwarted by the next swing-bridge, which we got through all right, but found we couldn’t remove the (BW) operating key afterwards and we had to open & close the barriers several times before it was released.


Hedges and vegetation out of control

It’s four years since we last came this way but the views of the Leicestershire countryside have been lost by C&RT (or their contractors) failing to control the height of the hedges, as you can see they have only been cut back to whatever height they can reach. It made for a couple of boring hours cruising and would certainly discourage me from making the trip again, which is a shame because Market Harborough  is a nice town to visit.

All Aboard!

Very nice as it happened as we had more visitors, my nephew, Richard, his wife Penny, daughter Sarah and partner Daniel not to mention my newest great-great nephew Logan came aboard and later whisked us off, this time to The Langton Inn where we had an anniversary meal.


Not really got the hang of this ‘selfie’ thing!

Earlier in the afternoon we went down the town for some provisions and Joy bought a new dress then caught a bus back up the hill, again the driver went out off his way to drop us back near Union Wharf where we revived ourselves with a drink at the Waterfront (more a restaurant really)

Sunday 30th July

No visitors today, but we walked down the town again where the town centre streets were closed and a Classic Car Show was taking place. Some of the cars were a bit new to be classics in my estimation (Mazda MX5s, I ask you?) but there were enough to get the nostalgia going with a collection of Fiat 500s (the first car I drove) & a HA Vauxhall Viva like the one I had my driving lessons in, a Austin A35 van (the only vehicle in which I have ever been carsick) an 1950s Austin A40 Countryman like friends of my mum owned.

Joy wasn’t so impressed with the ‘classics’ but rather liked this red VW ‘day van’ complete with bar and sound system.

Today it was my turn to buy myself something, Clarks had a sale on and I scored a pair of slip-on shoes for £20 and after lunch in the indoor market café we walked back to the boat.

Monday 31th July

This morning after visiting the local convenience store we set off at about 10:15 and retraced our way back to Foxton.

Following my comments about the high hedges I managed to snap a  glimpse of the view which we could have had.

 Wiv a ladder and some glasses,You could see the ‘Ackney Marshes If it wasn’t for the ‘ouses ‘edges in between.

As it nearly says in the old music hall song.

At Foxton swing-bridge the following boat kindly opened the bridge for us and let us through. We moored shortly after Black Horse bridge , currently Jade is exploring the hedgerow and Joy has the washing machine on.


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