Dawdling through Foxton

Top Lock Cottage Café Foxton Locks

We spent a couple of days on the 14 day moorings but on returning to the boat after having lunch at the café in the old lock-keeper’s house at the top lock we found the top of our boat covered with flies so decided to move down to the 48 hour moorings. Catty was well pleased as there was a stream of people to show off to instead of going hunting.

Tuesday 25th July

Local Celebrities

After spending Sunday and Monday night here this morning we moved down to the water-point to fill up and wait our turn to descend the locks.
As this is a double staircase (2 sets of 5 locks) it’s only possible to pass another boat between the 2 staircases. We had to wait for 5 boats to reach the top before it was our turn.


Nearly at the bottom

We had to pass a brand new boat at the middle which exercised Joy’s concentration but she passed it in textbook style and we were surprised to find that had only taken us 45 minutes to complete the entire flight.

The volunteer lock-keepers were helpful without being intrusive and a little girl of 3 or 4 was keen to help with opening and closing the gates for us.

On reaching the bottom we found the moorings outside the Foxton Locks Inn were empty so we tied up there as we had arranged to meet my sister, great-niece & great-great nephew for lunch.

After a good lunch we moved the boat through the swingbridge and had a brew and a chat before walking back to the car with Courtney and Noah and bringing it down the the pub to pick up Jan. Later we moved the boat again down to a spot near Black Horse bridge.

Three generations together for lunch

Wednesday 26th July

Today we dodged the rain and caught a bus into Market Harborough and did some shopping, the driver on the return trip was really kind and dropped us off at the Black Horse which saved us the slog back up the hill to the canal.



Thursday 27th July

A few days ago  Joy looked out of the side-hatch and saw what looked a bit like a black swan taking off, it had a flat fan shaped tail so we think it may have been a cormorant.

Another drizzly day today so a chance for blogging, so here’s a few of animal piccys.


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