Welford and Foxton

We spent a pleasant couple of days at Yelvertoft, on Tuesday we walked down to the village to post a letter and rested our legs at the village pub, The Knightley Arms where we received a friendly welcome. The pub only does food at the weekends but they offered a couple looking for food a range of takeaway menus and said they were welcome to order and eat it in the bar, great idea and good PR.

Wednesday 19th July

This morning we reversed back to the waterpoint and disposed of our rubbish then at 10:20 we left, headed for the Welford Arm. On the way we saw a heron who was determined we shouldn’t take his photo, but eventually we caught him in flight.

We reached Welford Branch Junction at half past two and turned into the arm. It’s a curious piece of canal, tree-lined and somewhat overgrown. Just one lock and three bridges and we were moored on the 48 hour moorings. The Welford Arm, which was originally a navigable feeder, connected to the reservoirs which provided the water supply to the canal, but the wharf exists as a testament it became more than  that although all that remains is the Wharf Inn and a small marina.

Jade wasn’t impressed with the location as the access road to part of the marina runs alongside the mooring and she wasn’t allowed out. It was useful, however as we had arranged a Tesco grocery delivery for the next morning despite an intermittent phone and internet signal.

Real Ale Tasters

We patronised the Wharf Inn, which has a good selection of real ales and offers 3 x 1/3 pint tasters so you can find your favourite without over-indulging.

We had a nice meal here too, I had a mushroom & pepper stroganoff while Joy had ham egg and chips with a very generous portion of ham, some of which went back to the boat on a ‘Catty Bag’.

Thursday 20th July

Tesco Delivery Van (stock photo)

This morning I had a text saying our Tesco delivery would arrive between 9 & 10 am, I always ask the driver to phone so I can meet them, so I was surprised when he knocked on the side of the boat, he couldn’t ring us as he didn’t have a phone signal so came looking for us.

He was able to drive down the service road and deliver straight through our side-hatch. Good service mate! Saved me from sour milk in my tea and we now have our grocery cupboard full again.

We spent our second night here with heavy rain beating on the roof.

Friday 21st July

It was time to leave this morning, fortunately the rain had stopped and the sun was shining but at the first (and only) lock That Cat decided to escape and then got chased by a dog (served her right) and we had to wait until she consented to be captured. We weren’t delayed long and were soon back at the junction and headed for Foxton, 15 minutes later we were going past North Kilworth Wharf.

Another new marina is being built nearby  and some piling work was taking place opposite.



North Kilworth Marina

Another few minutes and we were going through  Husband’s Bosworth Tunnel and before one o’clock we found a 14 day mooring just short of Foxton Locks which was handy as we have a few days to spare before we want to be in Market Harborough.




2 thoughts on “Welford and Foxton”

  1. Hi Chris and Joy,
    You seem to be busy on your latest interesting journey. We are soon off to France until August 31st so it will be September before we are in the UK. We will have to meet up when you are back in the area. Keep well and enjoy your journeying.
    LOve in Jesus, Linda Buckingham

  2. Hi Linda & Andy. Have a great time ‘en France’ we’re having a week in Greece at the end of September so it may be October before we can catch up! Love C & J

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