Sutton Stop to Hilmorton Locks

Wednesday 5th July -Thursday 6th July

We stayed put here for a couple of days by the Old Hawkesbury Engine House taking advantage of the 7 day mooring.






Thunder was forecast for Thursday afternoon which was another factor in our decision as we didn’t fancy boating through a thunderstorm, in fact it never came so we just spent time idling around and managed a couple of odd jobs. I had a go at splicing the ends of our centre ropes, they are synthetic and were supplied with the ends just heat sealed and had started to come apart, after studying some instructions on the internet I was reasonably pleased with  the result..


Friday 7th July

This morning we set off about 10 ish did the turn through the junction bridge without touching anything and once through the stop lock onto the Oxford  Canal we filled our water tank before heading off toward Rugby. Just before Tusses Bridge where the B4109  crosses the canal tree surgeons were working and Joy snapped the guy dangling from a harness, his colleagues on the ground posed as well but were told they weren’t glamorous enough.

I was surprised and pleased to see no less than three gangs of C&RT staff working on repairing the coping stones on a bridge and improving the towpath, well I say working, the last gang were on lunch-break!

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Just before we left Hawkesbury our gas ran out so we stopped at Rose Narrowboats for a refill, but after mooring up against their hire fleet, which all seemed to be back at base, were told that they had run out of gas. Armada Boats at Falls Bridge Wharf were able to oblige however and at a very reasonable price of £25.50.

Then it was a quick transit through the Newbold Tunnel before mooring within easy walking distance of The Barley Mow for a refreshing pint of Doom Bar.

Saturday 8th July

Just a quick hop into Rugby this morning after a fry up and and once at Brownsover caught the bus into town visiting the market, Clocktower shopping centre and charity shops. In the afternoon we tidied out one of the food storage cupboard and I concocted a divider to stop all the rolls of cling-film and so forth descending into a chaotic heap as it usually does.

Moored opposite us is Rose Narrowboats’ “Buckaroo” (remember the kid’s game?) I always imagine it flying apart when the last person steps aboard.  🙂

This evening we treated ourselves to a meal at the Bell & Barge (a Harvester pub) just across the road.

Sunday 10th July

After a visit to Tesco this morning we covered another 3 miles and 3 locks and have stopped at the top of  Hilmorton Locks. The locks here are duplicated (2 side by side) and we were able to reassure a couple of first time hirers from Rose Narrowboats they were doing OK as this was the first locks they had encountered.

We plan to go on to Braunston tomorrow, but the internet signal there is reputed to be poor so don’t be surprised if I can’t blog for a few days.


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