Onwards to Hawkesbury

Sunday 21st May

P1020880_crToday we made our way back to Nutts Lane moorings, Hinckley where I did a bit more work on the gas locker, including some non-slip tape which will also protect the paint work while changing gas bottles. I cut it to shape sitting cross legged on the front of the boat, to the amusement of passers by, but I was quite pleased with the finished job.



I discovered the invoice for the non-slip tape was dated almost exactly two years ago, so it’s not taken too long in the planning stages, has it?


Rick, on fuel boat  Auriga arrived this afternoon and topped us up with diesel then moored behind us for the night.

We had a proper Sunday Roast this evening with a lamb shank which we bought from the farm shop yesterday.

Monday 22nd May

Our DVD player has been making funny noises and the scart output had stopped working so when we saw a second hand one advertised in Tamworth with Freeview & a hard drive we thought it was worth a go. So a bus trip from Hinckley to Nuneaton was undertaken, some shopping and lunch there then another bus on to Atherstone where we got a taxi to our mooring and picked our car up to go on to Tamworth. We took the opportunity to do some grocery shopping while we had the car and after picking up the DVD player we drove back to our mooring. Our kind neighbours offered to drive us back to our boat at Hinckley so we stopped off on the way at The Blue Lion at Witherley for a meal.

Tuesday 23rd May

We pottered about until lunchtime when Rick arrived back to moor up again, we then made our way back to the Lime Kilns Inn. On the way we spotted a terrapin sunbathing by the railway bridge!

It was a lovely sunny evening and we enjoyed a lovely meal in the garden and watch the antics of the pub’s ducks and hens.  Later went inside to listen to the guys at their Acoustic Music night again.

Wednesday 24th May

Sutton Stop MapToday we have done a few more miles than of late and spotted a few more water irises out in bloom, we stopped for lunch at Bulkington Road moorings then carried on to Marston Junction, took a left turn and are now moored at Hawkesbury Junction (aka Sutton Stop).

Miss Catty is now out exploring the area, she has checked in once but immediately went out again so there must be something to interest her here.

[I don’t think she can get to the pub???]

No, she’s in now and we’re going up to the Greyhound for a pint before our tea.


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