Rain & Shine

Wednesday 17th May

Ruth’s art work on doors

The forecast wet weather arrived today so we opted to stay put at Bosworth Wharf, our friends Barry & Ruth (nb Celandine) made no such decision and made the three hour trip through the rain from The Limekilns pub to see us.

Ruth & Barry (fed & warmed!)




We felt quite honoured so I caught the bus into town and bought provisions at the Co-op and the market while Joy cooked a warming Lamb Tagine for lunch. We enjoyed seeing them and hearing about their latest boating adventures before they turned around to head back towards home.

Thursday 18th May

P1020857What a difference a day makes! Today was gloriously sunny and we decided to pootle down to Sutton Wharf and stop at the Aqueduct Farm Shop near Shenton Aqueduct for some sausages. The moorings have a reconstituted wood/plastic edging, but no rings and when we arrived at the farm shop at 11 o’clock it was closed, despite its sign declaring it was open from 10am – 5pm.

When we arrived at Sutton Wharf we did a load of washing and dried it in the sunshine and I did a bit more touching up of the paintwork on the gas locker and handrails. The moorings here are also made of the same ‘plastic wood’ which as I found, even in the dry, is incredibly slippery in hard soled shoes, when I slipped and launched a pot of dirty white spirits into the air which fortunately landed in a bed of nettles and not me!

Friday 19th May

Another damp and dismal morning so we are still here on the 48 hour moorings.


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