Battling on to Bosworth

No battle really, but it makes a good title.

Thursday 11th May

P1020761Our stop here was planned so that we could easily reach the bus stop at the end of Nutts Lane, so this morning we took the bus into Nuneaton to do a bit of shopping. We did the rounds of the charity shops and I scored a Marks & Sparks Panama Hat for the summer and Joy another handbag. TKMax provided her with a purse, a few groceries were procured and after brunch at Jenny’s Café at the bus station we caught the 48 back to Hinckley.

On our return we moved on about half a mile through the next bridge and moored opposite Trinity Marina as Chris wanted to buy some screws at Screwfix which was nearby, but they didn’t have the required type in stock nor available for ‘click & collect’.

Friday 12th May

A local firm, GoFix came to the rescue however with not only stainless steel bolts but an M8 tap too,another 10 minute bus ride took me to their door.
A bit more painting before lunch and then we moved on.

We passed the Triumph motorbike factory, and then encountered some bank repairs going on, a workboat with a small digger on board was driving in wooden stakes with a hydraulic hammer which was making a terrific din. They did stop as we went past but check out Catty’s ears to see what she thought about the noise level.


P1020772The oil seed rape is in profusion in the fields, while I think it looks lovely some hay-fever sufferers may disagree. Our 31/2 hour journey took us past Spinney Bank Farm Shop at Bridge 23 where we bought some eggs, veg and a piece of lamb, and we stopped here for a cuppa while a rain shower passed over.


We arrived at Sutton Wharf just before 5pm where we bagged the 24 hour mooring right next to the water-point.  The café had just closed and the adjacent car park was empty so Catty was allowed out to explore but much to her disgust it started to pour with rain within half an hour which had her racing back in. Dinner had been cooking on the way, Joy had prepared a small rack of lamb with roast potatoes and fresh leeks and carrots. It was delicious!

Map to Sutton Wharf


Saturday 13th May

This morning’s journey took us past Bosworth Battlefield Moorings which are now no longer on the offside of the canal, perhaps they made that decision as the battlefield is now thought not to be quite so near :-/ , however the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre is still nearby so to get there now involves going down to the road and under the aqueduct.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • I saw what I think was a Catalina Flying Boat, perhaps someone can confirm from this dodgy photo?  The last one I saw was in Australia.
  • I was taken too by the brickwork on the ends of these otherwise utilitarian farm buildings.
  • And finally there was a glimpse of the Battlefield Railway line before we arrived at Bosworth Wharf.

After lunch we caught the bus up into the town (which was much smaller than we anticipated) and returned on the next bus after tea/hot chocolate and cake at Café Torte.


One thought on “Battling on to Bosworth”

  1. Hello, John said no it’s not a Catalina flying boat, he’ll talk to you when he sees you soon.

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