Slowly Slowly

Monday 8th May

P1020723We left our spot outside The Anchor and our bunny rabbit neighbour and made the short 20 minute trip to Springwood Haven to buy some gas & empty the poo tank. That done we moored up opposite their wharf and I made a start on treating some rust spots on the front end of the boat, I also decided to clean up and paint the gas bottle spanner which was also in a disgraceful state and Joy caught me spray painting the trees, or so she thought! P1020727a

Just before we arrived at Springwood we passed nb Campanula headed the opposite way, later Penny tapped on the boat and we had a catch up over a cuppa, we were then invited back to Campanula in the evening.  Amongst many other topics we discussed pubs and The Limekilns was recommended and particularly their Blueberry Lamb, so this re-enforced our plan to visit.


Tuesday 9th May

P1020738So it was a longer trip today as we set off for the Ashby Canal spotting some baby ducks, coots and moorhens. It was a cloudy day but on the rare occasions the sun broke through it was quite warm. We had an enforced lunch stop by Nuneaton Allotments as we had collected a large ‘Iceland’ carrier bag on the propeller which promptly dropped off when we stopped.

Map to LimekilnsThe turn under the bridge onto the Ashby is quite tight as there is the remains of stop lock just past the bridge. Those with keen eyesight will notice that having been travelling south, on reaching Marston Junction we are now headed north-east.

The trip to Limekilns is very rural and we arrived at the pub about 4:30 pm and were able to moor against their garden where their ducks & chickens were wandering about.

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IMG_20170509_214121302_crThe meal at Lime Kilns was every bit as good as we had been told, their menu is more varied than many, and not expensive, most main-courses being £8.25 and there are daily offers as well. We found that on Tuesdays there is a regular Acoustic Evening where local musicians get together informally for a ‘sing-around’ session. We thoroughly enjoyed their performances as they mainly had a 60s & 70s vibe.

Wednesday 10th May

Well, we’ve covered an immense distance today, something like half a mile in 15 minutes, we just moved a little closer to Hinckley and I’ve put a coat of undercoat on the pointy bit and de-rusted and primed the other fairlead for the centre-line.

Oh, I hope you noticed that we are moored at Nutt’s Bridge. 🙂


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