A foray through The Black Country

Wednesday 27th July

Awkward entry to Stewponey Lock

This morning started off drizzly so we delayed our departure until nearly 11am, while I prepared Kinver lock Joy went off to post a letter but the post box shown on the web seemed to be invisible. No matter, so off we went to the next lock at Stewponey where I could definitely see a post box from the bridge, so off Joy went but couldn’t find that one either. “Don’t be so silly” says I and went off to do it myself guess what? I couldn’t find it; back I come to the lock and sure enough it’s there in line with the blue pedestrian sign, so it’s back across the dual carriageway again and I can see the blue sign and sure enough when I reach it there’s the post-box down a side turning!!!

Progress was good today with most locks in our favour and by the time we reached Swindon (No, not the one in Wiltshire where I spent my formative years) we were ready for a short break to have lunch. After being refreshed and restored we tackled nearby Marsh Lock and less than an hour later we were moored up outside the Round Oak Inn.

We took a look at their menu on line  and thought we’d treat ourselves to Black Country Pork Belly Stack & Butternut Squash, Stilton & Spinach Risotto. When we went in to order however, we were told that the website was apparently years out of date so our choices were not available. We felt the current menu uninspiring but since we were there we chose again from 2 for £11 menu (boring old burger + Fish & Chips) only to be told that those were not available after 5pm. Nothing else tempted us to order, although prices were reasonable enough. So much for the Bostin’ Fittle advertised on the web, so it was home made lasagne back on the boat.

Fittle is a local word for food, and therefore ‘bostin’ fittle’ is a way of saying great food. [Birmingham Mail]

Thursday 28th July

The weather forecast for today seemed to have improved since yesterday with no rain forecast until 2pm, they were lying of course but we got though Bumblehole Lock and The Bratch in the dry. We also were through The Bratch before the dredging team arrived with their equipment (Yes! A dredging team) otherwise they would have had priority.

P1020339We caught up with Graham the fender maker on nb Warwick and his pal with a single cylinder Russell Newbury engined boat with a 100 year old fore-end above the locks but had to wait for a few minutes as another part of the dredging team were still working here filling hoppers with muddy sludge. We let the two ‘lads’ go ahead at Awbridge Lock as they were travelling together, and again we found mud hoppers being unloaded into an artic.

From here on our luck seemed to change as every time we approached a lock the drizzle started. At Wightwick Locks it really started to empty down so we held up for a few minutes & had a hot drink, but it soon eased off again and we made a dash for Compton and stopped for lunch (home made cheese, potato and leek pasties which Joy had made en route) and a visit to Sainsbury Local as the milk had gone off.

At least Compton Lock was our last of the day and we dodged showers all the way to The Fox & Anchor near Coven where we are moored directly outside the pub.

… and what has happened now? …… The sun has come out!!!

So it was drinks & sweet potato chips from the pub followed by home made burgers and home/boat grow rhubarb pie and custard for pudding.


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