Kinver to Kidderminster

DSCF1249We left Kinver just before 9 this morning and found we had a stowaway, he was just sat on top of a locker and was in no hurry to leave.

Just an hour into our journey we were hailed from nb October “Are you Jeremy’s parents?” we replied that we were and were assured that he was a Nice Guy.

Surprised smile

DSCF1262The four locks were accomplished quite easily, Debdale Lock has an interesting cave beside it and apart from meeting some poorly supervised child canoeists right on a bend shortly afterwards had an uneventful trip into Kidderminster.

We moored up right next to the retail park had some lunch and soon we had a phone call to say we had visitors. Our friends Hazel & Edward were travelling back to Gloucestershire and had arranged to meet us.

We enjoyed catching up with their news and after they had left did a shop at Sainsbury’s.

DSCF1265It had started raining so we decided to cook ourselves some tea and maybe stay overnight. About quarter to eight it cleared up and against Joy’s better judgement I persuaded her to move on, away for the town and about nine I could see the evening sun lighting up the trees on the hills and later a magnificent rainbow appeared.

At 20 minutes to ten, just before Stourport, at Upper Mitton we moored up for the night behind nb Recalcitrant which we last saw at Hillmorton on our way up to Atherstone.

The latest boating we have done for a long time!

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