Once more into the Bratch dear friends

Our generator arrived back safely by TNT courier, it arrived strapped to a pallet and while I went to get a knife to remove it, the driver had carried it to the boat pallet & all!

DSCF1179This signalled our departure form the Fox & Anchor, and off we went towards Autherley Junction where last year we turned off and explored the Shropshire Union, but this year it was straight on towards Stourport after a stop for lunch. I noticed the clearness of the water hereabouts  and just a bit further I noticed a strong flow of clear water from a culvert, I later discovered this was Autherley Sewage Works Outfall … Oh well!




Just half a mile away is Aldersley Junction, what an opportunity to get confused! Some serious dredging work was going on along this stretch and we had to pass the dredger carefully.




We had heard that our son, Jer was headed this way and at Dimmingsdale Wharf we met him coming in the opposite direction and stopped to chat for a few minutes. He was on a mission moving a friend’s boat so Joy sent him off with a home made takeaway,  Spetsofai (Greek sausage casserole)


There are some interesting features at Awbridge Lock but there seems to be some conflict between ‘Elf & Safety and the listed status of the lock resulting in an awful looking temporary/permanent handrail made of scaffolding being put in place, next to the attractive cast iron walkway.

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We intended to stop before Bratch Locks but on arrival the Lock Keeper was still in attendance and saw us down the flight and we moored at the bottom.


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