Pausing at a Pub

I know, it will be a shock to you, but somehow we find ourselves moored outside a pub! Just before we set off on our cruise our 15 month old Hyundai Generator failed, to cut a long story short, it had to go back to Genpower, because the dealer from whom we bought it, so we would have a local service agent, told us they didn’t really know much about them and it would be about 3 weeks before they could look at it. Anyway I had an email yesterday afternoon to say it was ready and had to give them an address to deliver to, so The Fox & Anchor was ideal.

DSCF1162Today we covered 8 miles & 7 Locks in 5h20m. Our last lock was at Gailey where we celebrated with ice creams from  the gift shop in the keeper’s watch tower.

Apparently it was necessary because the view northwards along the canal was obscured from the lock-side by Gailey Bridge.



DSCF1164aAt Calf Heath the canal passes through the  SI Group, Inc. chemical works (parent company based in Schenectady, NY U.S.A. hence Schenectady Works Bridge) I digress however.
I’ve always been puzzled by their sign saying no mooring or stopping for 200 meters (sic) when the signs must be about 1000 metres apart. I know our American cousins don’t ‘do’ metres  but that’s a big difference.




Just past Hatherton Junction we spotted a familiar boat moored, Nene Pilot which used to be owned by a boater from Banbury.



DSCF1173We were almost at the pub when we spotted another familiar boat nb Timewarp, and stopped to chat with Tony & Jaquie who used to work at Oxfordshire Narrowboats with me and they now sell brass tiller pins from their boat.

So here we are until we get our generator delivered, let’s hope it comes tomorrow.


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