Winter Projects

The blog has been dormant since our trip to Australia last year so here is a warning.
This is a ‘Techie’ post about some of my winter projects.

Wi-Fi Router

Boaters amongst our readers will know all about the vagaries of ‘mobile broadband’, we currently use EE but connecting it to our Humax satellite box was a bit of a Heath Robinson affair as the satellite box has no Wi-Fi capability. I was also unconvinced that EE was metering my data usage correctly so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a proper 4G router which could not only provide a wired connection for the sat box but monitor my data use.


80x60After a false start with an ASUS 4G-N12 which after several weeks of consulting with Asus support it was concluded that ‘it was a known issue’ that the data monitoring function did not work correctly. PC World refunded my purchase without any quibble and I popped next door to Maplins and purchased a TP-Link Archer MR200 which was on offer for £99.99 (that’s £25 less than the Asus) and the bonus is that it does what it’s supposed to.


Birthday Pi

Pi_2_Model_BMy birthday was last month and Joy bought me a Raspberry Pi, this is a mini computer, kind of a 21st century Sinclair Spectrum. After a steep learning curve involving some programming I’ve managed to hook it up to to the router so I now have a 500GB hard drive as remote storage and have also installed a MiniDLNA media server so we can listen to our music collection wirelessly on our tablets.



IMG_20160322_203250898~01The metering system on the boat which is part of the Heart Interface has been returning false readings for some while so I purchased some new meters from eBay and now have some pretty blue meters which after finding how to adjust them now give accurate readings. Oh, and I’ve re-installed Windows 10 on my laptop which has speeded it up considerably.
See, I warned you it was a boring post!


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