How Far?

We’ve been back at our mooring for over a week now having hopped back down from Cropredy and moored in Banbury Castle Quays (town centre) for a couple of nights to get our post, some shopping and for Joy to return to her art class although she has been doing ‘distance learning’ by following their projects from photos her tutor has been sending her.

I’m not very good at recording distances and all that, but an estimate from CanalPlan AC tells me that over the last four months we have  covered…

663 miles, 206 yards and 292 locks.

GPS Visualizer created this map of our meanderings.

Overview Map 2

Since returning we have retrieved our car from it’s temporary home and and got it through a MoT with help from my ex-colleagues at the college.

1201LampHaving got the car back on the road, on Saturday we visited Finmere Car Boot Sale, where I was almost tempted to buy an Aladdin Lamp but a new glass chimney and mantle would have increased the cost at least seven-fold! From there we went on to visit my sister, Jan in Rushden to bore her with our holiday snaps!

On Sunday we went to Heyford Park Chapel where we received a warm welcome from our friends after being absent for so long and afterwards we de-camped to Heyford Wharf where we met lots more friends from my Oxfordshire Narrowboats days including Annie & Tim who are now back ‘down south’ running Kizzie’s Bistro where we enjoyed a light lunch with our friends Ruth & Barry who also happened to be there.

As we were enjoying our food the Good Ship Bones appeared beside us in the winding hole and we exchanged greetings before she headed back off in the opposite direction with promises to catch up properly soon.

Yesterday was Joy’s birthday so we spent the day in Gloucestershire meeting friends at the Berry Blue Café in Cam and finished the day with a meal at The Hawbridge Inn beside the Severn near Tirley with our son Jeremy.



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