At Fenny for a few days

WEJourneyMap-44152Yesterday we spent the morning with culinary tasks, Joy made Scouse for tea and then we started converting our foraged damsons and apples into chutney, we were short of raisons and dark soft brown sugar so we made the short journey to the bottom of Napton Locks.

On the way we took pictures of the windmill (again!) the one zoomed in makes the new house look as if it’s right next to the windmill while the other one shows it’s not!

We moored above the first lock and walked up to the village shop for the necessary supplies. After lunch we left the chutney simmering while we continued up the locks to spend the night at Marston Doles. We enjoyed the Scouse and then put the chutney into jars before turning in.

DSCN2317This morning we did a load of washing before leaving and attempted another load at our brunch stop near the famous radio mast but the generator ran out of petrol! After lunch we continued on our circuitous way following the contours along the summit level and arrived in Fenny Compton about 2 pm and were fortunate to get the one available space which even more fortunately a 14 day mooring as we want to stay here for a few days.

In the short time we’ve been moored up we’ve already seen friends,  Brian on nb Harnser passed by and Jim from nb Smoking Badger walked past on his way back from the village. More visitors are expected over the coming days, we must be back on home turf (or is that water). Catty is well pleased too as she has been out exploring familiar haunts.


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