Summer Cruise Day 28 & 29

After the relatively short distance travelled yesterday we had to pay for it the next day with 17 Grand Union locks, ending up at the top of the Stockton flight at Birdingbury Wharf, opposite The Boat Inn. Our locking companions were so pleased with the progress that they were keen to press on to the bottom of Napton Locks, we were not so keen as rain was forecast, so we bid them farewell and Bon Voyage. They later sent a text saying they were enjoying a meal at The Folly but didn’t reveal if they got drenched!

Working pair at Shop Lock, Long Itchington

Today was a ‘rest day’ but we hopped on a bus to Rugby and bought a DVD DVDplayer at Tescos as the one in our TV had died, it was very reasonable at £24 and even better when we used our £4 worth of vouchers. It is capable of ‘upscaling standard definition DVD discs to near HD quality’ which I suppose means it will give us a better picture.


One thought on “Summer Cruise Day 28 & 29”

  1. The upscaling means that if you have an HD TV with a screen at 1920:1080 (1080P) then it can fill the screen as much as a DVD ever does. IIRC DVDs are encoded at 720P for standard low-res screens.

    Glad you’re all OK and still having fun.

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