Summer Cruise Day 2 & 3

Sunday was a ‘rest’ day, the weather wasn’t forecast to be great but the morning wasn’t too bad so I took the opportunity to do some housekeeping in the engine ‘ole. I knew the gearbox would need topping up as it leaks steadily but while I was there I decided the to clean up the bilge pump and it’s electronic switch which were a bit greasy and refill the stern tube greaser. So the messy jobs done we had the rest of the day to to chill out in Cropredy’s pleasant environs.

We had asked some local friends, Jan, Ed and Jim to join us for the Sunday evening pub quiz at their local, The Brasenose, then come 7 o’clock came the thunder! All was not lost, however, because by half past eight it was all over and we were able to meet up. A couple of pints of Doom Bar were sampled, which must have helped as ‘Joy Division’ (as Ed named our team) managed  a creditable joint 3rd out of 7 teams. In fact if it wasn’t for a half point awarded to the second placed team we’d have been joint second. Success was also had in the meat raffle and we wandered back to the boat wondering how it was almost midnight before we fell into bed.

This morning I was sent to Cropredy Stores to purchase croissants for breakfast as we have done before… Incroyable, ils n’y avait pas de croissants!1 So it was off with just cups of tea to fortify us.

WEJourneyMap-22720The first three locks were against us and as we reached Forge Farm at Clattercote Wharf we said Hi to Gregg who asked if we needed lettuce, so an unscheduled stop at Gregg’s who kindly gave us some of his organic lettuces and beetroot. After chatting about his various projects which include selling firewood and rugs with native American designs from his tepee at Glastonbury Festival we were on our way again.



DSCF5539This stop saw a change in our fortunes as Joy started to feel unwell (probably from risking some Stilton yesterday which pushed her lactose intolerance a bit too far) on the other hand I met a boat at every one of the Claydon locks and was able to ‘single-hand’ them easily.  We had a short break above the locks for a cuppa and a scone purchased from Top Lock Cottage.

DSCF5542With no more locks for the rest of the day I sent Joy to have a lie down while I took the boat onwards towards Fenny Compton. Halfway through Fenny’s ‘Tunnel’ Joy appeared on the back deck looking much better, in fact by the time we reached The Wharf Inn she was able to enjoy a pub lunch.

After lunch we pressed on along the wiggles of the summit level and tonight we are moored up near Priors Hardwick.

1Amazing, they had no croissants


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