Our Summer Cruise Begins

I finished work on Friday afternoon and met Joy at Morrisons for a cup of tea, but more importantly to help her carry back the shopping and then we set off for Banbury town centre. The reason for this epic journey was that Joy wanted to go to a demonstration of pastel drawing with Barry at The Artery this morning.

We rose at a leisurely hour, had breakfast and got ready to go out to town, Joy to The Artery and me to get a few final items of shopping… and that’s when the panic set in, my wallet was nowhere to be found. After some head scratching I though I had it in Morrisons, so I rang their number but could I get an answer? No! So I trekked back to the store and after waiting with baited breath for what seemed like an eternity at the Customer Service desk they appeared with a familiar battered old wallet..  Fortunately I had taken some ID to prove I really was me! Halleluiah!

This year’s gardening!

So shopping was completed, and veg and bedding plants were purchased from the market and we could be on our way.

Naturally as soon as we were under way it started to drizzle, but before we were out of town it had stopped and we chatted to Don from nb Botticelli as he walked down the towpath to meet a potential buyer as they want a shorter boat to tow their butty Persephone.

As we headed northwards the weather improved, hats needed to keep the sun off and a glass of ‘Old Rosie’ partaken (3 bottles for a fiver at Morrisons) to prevent dehydration.. honest!

We were lucky in meeting boats at most locks and found a mooring above Cropredy lock despite the warning about a murder. Sadly we will have to be gone before the performance by Cropredy Harlequins.

DSCF5532Catty has gone out and is alternating between hunting and showing off to passers-by.


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