Ah Ha! We’re back on line

Oh, my goodness! The stress, the trauma, the decisions! I have a new laptop and I’m almost connected with the virtual world again. I still have to get to grips with the dreaded Windows 8.1 but I’m working hard to make it look as much Windows 7 as possible (Please note, Microsoft, I don’t have or want a touchscreen on my laptop so I don’t want an interface designed for one)

DSCF5398Now rewind to my last post, we left you at Hawkesbury Junction, remember that bridge art?



I must have overworked the bowthruster reversing to the mooring because I found the fuse had blown.



Nevertheless we set off in the morning to Marsden Junction where we joined the Ashby Canal or rather we nearly overshot the turning because we were waving to a little boy and his dad who were on the towpath. Of course I just acted cool and pretended it was all part of the manoeuvre to make the 90° turn.


The weather was drizzly but we slogged on as far as Sutton Wharf where we found a place on the visitor moorings.


DSCF5424On the way we found a cow having a swim in the canal and a local boater volunteered to let the farmer know via the landlord of the Lime Kilns pub just past the next bridge. (something similar happened last year)

We had intended to meet our friends Carol & Ted the next day and take them up to the (current) end of the Ashby Canal, but the weather was no better so decided to spend the day with them on  the boat. Being the good friends that they are, however, they offered to drive us to PC World in Leicester and it was a chance to see their recently acquired camper van too. Oddly, as its the same company, they have a Currys store almost next door to PC World where we chose an Acer E1-572 laptop as it was priced almost £30 less there. 

So its thanks to Carol & Ted that you’re reading this blog, we came back to the boat and had a meal on board before they left us and yes, you guessed it, I spent the next xn hours setting up the new toy.


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