Wren Gifts

We have enjoyed another weekend away visiting Cropredy and helping Greg Klaes and his team ‘The Wanderers’ from Forge Farm, Clattercote to come third in the pub quiz at the Brasenose Arms. (O.K. there so were only three teams!)

DSCF5226When I went back to work I found I had a gift waiting for me from my Australian colleague Colin ‘Digger’ Tregonning, whose wife Maureen has a shop, The Old Station Store, in Woodford Halse selling collectables, books and indoor and outdoor plants and pots. It now awaits having pride of place in one of our windows once we can figure out a way of securing it.

DSCF0681Oxfordshire Art Weeks are taking place this month and Joy is exhibiting one of her photos at The Artery where she has her watercolour lessons. It was taken from the back of a motorbike we were riding around the dirt roads of our favourite Greek island, Skiathos.

She is certainly braver than me when riding pillion.


WrensNestCToday we went to pick up my new pair of glasses from Asda Opticians at Leamington Spa and on  the way back called at The Wharf Inn Fenny Compton for one of their fabulous value 2-4-10 (two for a tenner) meals.
As we were finishing our meal, Penny, the landlady came over and said she had something for us, she disappeared and moments later came back with a pump clip advertising Wren’s Nest  Ale, how sweet of her to keep it for us! None on tap at present but we look forward to trying it even if we have to visit Howard Town Brewery in Glossop.

The beer is named after the Wren Nest Mill complex, just north of Glossop High Street, behind the Globe Pub. Sadly, large scale redevelopment of the area has demolished the landmark mill chimney, and it’s unlikely that many wrens will be nesting there in the future. However, we hope that sampling the assertively bitter yet fruity Wren’s Nest will in some small way compensate for the loss of these delightful birds.


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