The Easter Hols Begin

After completing my task at Lower Heyford we started on our return northwards after work on Friday (no more work for 12 days!) but only a short hop to the other side of Lower Heyford where we moored up behind friends on Prancing Pony to fit  a new alternator regulator for them which I had ordered before they left Banbury.

It’s a lovely, peaceful spot at which the noise of the train traffic is muted, unlike last week where we could hear and feel the goods trains roaring past all through the night.

On the Saturday it was onward to Upper Heyford, as we had arranged for our friends, Toni & Chris to come to dinner and Allens Lock was a convenient place for them to meet us. We enjoyed a convivial evening together and enjoyed the lovely gardens of Willow Cottage which extend down to the canal’s edge.

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We stayed here for a few days as we wanted to go to our church at Heyford Park on Sunday and Joy’s exercise class at Upper Heyford Village Hall on the Tuesday and there again it’s an absolutely beautiful spot. Years ago there was a water mill on the river adjacent to the lock.

Monday saw me servicing the boat engine before we headed off again on Tuesday afternoon and the changing of fuel filters and removal of muck from the water trap seems to have solved the problem of the engine not picking up speed properly on starting up. I also exercised my brain and rearranged the wiring to the front battery bank so now I can see how many amps is going into that set of batteries too.


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